At Kula we are celebrating the Life and work of BKS Iyengar (1918-2014) for the UK’s first National Iyengar Day (January 16th).

Michelle’s Iyengar class tomorrow (Friday 15th January) will be completely FREE to all – and in the spirit of the guru, everybody is welcome. BOOK HERE

BKS Iyengar – Light On Yoga

” Illuminated emancipation, freedom, unalloyed and untainted bliss await you, but you have to choose to embark on the Inward Journey to discover it. “

Iyengar visits (Kula) Angela’s Ashram in Nasik

Who was Iyengar?


The impact of Iyengar on western yoga is huge. This one man – BKS Iyengar is credited with bringing yoga to the west and making it mainstream by teaching large classes and for his books such as “Light On Yoga” which was an approachable introduction to yoga for new students. Iyengar Yoga is often referred to as a specific style of yoga that focuses on precise alignment in the postures and uses props such as blocks, bricks and straps, but he gave so much more to the world than “perfect alignment’ he was a true yogi and an inspiration to millions.

What the guru means to me – Michelle (Kula Iyengar Teacher)

“For me, Iyengar is a traditional system of learning about the subject in its broader sense not just the asana. Traditionally a student learns from a Senior Teacher through committed regular practice, it is a life long experiential development plan.  Previously any yoga student needed to learn from a Senior Teacher or guru, Iyengar’s books changed everything. Previously there was never anything written down or recorded it was all passed on as verbal lessons.  Patanjali’s Sutras are small paraphrases loaded with meaningful information that has to be taught and decoded by a senior teach/Guru.

Mr Iyengar was a Guru in every sense, he knew his subject and he was a master of teaching.  He built a global community of teachers teaching his method in a safe approach whilst remaining honest and pure to the subject, lifestyle and way of being”.


















A spiritual guru in every sense.

Angela meets Iyengar

Kula’s owner and founder Angela Sykes was lucky enough to meet Iyengar when he came to visit her Ashram and yoga school in Nasik.

‘I was so excited when it was announced BKS Iyengar would be coming to give us some classes on at our yoga school in Nasik. We prepared a show for him to welcome him to the ashram – I was feeding a cloth into my teachers mouth to demonstrate an ancient cleansing technique and we showed him yoga poses. After our welcome show he said ‘this is all very well and good but it is not yoga – yoga is never a performance or a display – yoga is an internal practice with the goal of liberation’. In the west we practice yoga as a yoga therapy to help us feel better in our body and mind. In India yogic techniques were traditionally used to reach liberation – to unite the soul with the super soul, to merge with the divine. We sometimes get a glimpse of this merging when practicing – it feels like wholeness, like you are complete and do not need anything – you are in the moment and completely present! Iyengar taught me that yoga is so much more than creating a pose and that stuck with me and is the way I have approached yoga since that day.


Iyengar visiting Angela’s yoga school in Nasik

Join in, experience Iyengar

National Iyengar day is a celebration of our Guru Mr Iyengar, a time to give thanks for his teachings and the generous way he shared his Yoga with so many people. Many UK Iyengar teachers are putting on free classes to celebrate the day including Kula! Michelle Mangeolles will be teaching a free class tomorrow – Friday 15th January at the normal class time of 10.15am. CLICK HERE TO BOOK.