At Kula we are very proud to be able to host a weekly Mysore class which is something very special for our students. Many students do not really know what to expect when attending a Mysore session, so hopefully this blog piece will show you what to expect, what you will gain and why this is your next must try class!

A Mysore session is a ‘self practice session’ where you get the chance to go through your yoga practice at your pace with hints and tips especially designed for your practice and your body. In Mysore sessions it is usually the Ashtanga Primary Series which is taught, but this is only if this series is right for your body – if your teacher feels you need something else from your practice they will design a series or you – it could be  a series of poses and techniques which help you to recover from injury, pain or tiredness – it’s really bespoke. This is what makes Mysore so amazing and so very special.

If you are fit and strong you will be guided through the primary series step by step. Your teacher will give you some of the movements which you will work through and then they will give you the next pose and the next after that, so you slowly build up towards knowing the whole series. In this way you get to understand on a deeper level each of the postures and only work with the ones which are right for your body – it’s like having a very reasonably priced one to one session.

Traditionally yoga was taught in this way and it is in fact much less traditional to have big classes where instructions can be very general. If you would like to learn more about Mysore you can try our weekly class Wednesday 7.00-8.45. You can arrive between 7-8am, depending on how long you want to practice for, if you are newer you make like to start with 45 mins or an hour. Like yoga, this is a flexible session, which works just for your body and for your morning schedule. Enjoy!

This sessions is suitable for All Levels including complete beginners to any style of yoga.

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Marie teaches our regular Wednesday Mysore class. To view her profile, click here.