My yoga journey and why I love practicing at Yoga Kula. 

Ruth HartleyAfter years of working and training in gyms in June 2013 I went to a Bikram yoga class in Brighton with my brother and loved it.  I looked for a hot yoga class in Leeds and found to my amazement hot yoga classes 5 minutes from where I lived at Yoga Kula and started practicing hot yoga with Helena in July 2013.  In such a welcoming studio I soon tried the other yoga classes and after trying ashtanga with Angela decided the upper body strength needed in ashtanga and the balancing and back strengthening of hot yoga would be a good all round work out.

The more I practiced the more I benefited, not just physically, I felt centered and calm, I became focused and less stressed. I stopped going to the gym and concentrated on yoga. Encouraged by the wonderful teachers and my fellow students at Kula my practice has improved.

I can’t thank Angela and her team enough for providing such a beautiful studio in which we can all practice and grow. I feel lucky to have Yoga Kula in my life.


  • I love that it pushes my mind, my strength and my muscles.
  • I love that I can complete a class, yet not have done any of the poses to their full extent.
  • I love that there is SO much room to grow and learn.
  • I love that I get excited for class.
  • I love that I see progress each time.
  • I love the inspiring instructors.
  • I love that everyone is working together, yet at their own pace.
  • I love that each class meets me where I’m at.
  • I love that it ends in a relaxing meditation.
  • I love the way my body and mind feel afterward.
  • I love that it makes me want to be better.
  • I love yoga.

Ruth x