Working with a team of designers, Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) Lara Heppell was invited to write the content for a Yoga journal ‘My Yoga Companion’ which is now available to buy in the Yoga Kula studio.

The journal is made up of lots of useable (and useful) sections such as:

  • Lessons from the mat – a space for reflection.
  • 30 day challenge – to encourage people to try different things and add spice to their Yoga practice.
  • Little guide to chakras – an overview of the chakras and associated poses, along with reflective questions around blocks or the need to work with particular areas of the body.
  • My yoga loves – a space for people to reflect about their Yoga practice, goals and challenges while learning about their body and breath and being guided by inspirational quotes and yogi wisdom.
  • And there’s more, but that’s for you to discover…

‘My Yoga Companion’ was specifically designed to help with a home Yoga practice, inspiring and exciting students to get on their mats, offering ideas and suggestions to develop and explore their practice. Working with the journal allows students to connect to their true self and authentic voice, giving them the opportunity to reflect on where they are and where they want to go with their Yoga journey, as well as the time and space to connect with and deeply listen to their bodies and needs.

An important key message which come through in Lara’s life and teachings is:

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”

Now she’s a published author, Lara has even been asked to sign copies of ‘My Yoga Companion’ by students at class or on retreats or workshops and I’m happy to sign your copy – just bring it along to one of her classes or workshops at Yoga Kula.

Pick up your copy in the studio today!