Morning Yoga!


Starting your day with yoga can help to open up the body, calm the mind and start your day in the right frame of mind. 

In India Yoga is practised regularly in the mornings as a way to ‘start the day right’. When we start our day in the right way it tends to take a more positive route and any bumps in the road can be handled with a calm and balanced mind, set up by the morning practice.

We have two early morning yoga classes at Yoga Kula for you to enjoy.

Tuesday 7am – 8am –Flow + Breathe with Miz Deshannon

Slow down, create space and increase the connection between body and breath.

We all breathe but do we breathe deeply and fully?
Do we breathe with attention and awareness?
We all move but do we move with attention and awareness?
Do we find pleasure in our movement?
Do we meditate as we move?

Flow + Breathe is a meditative movement class that explores asanas with a focus on self awareness and introspection. During the class we’ll finesse pranayama and meditation techniques to ground, balance or wake-up and warm; take time to listen to the heart where vital breath begins, whilst expanding, moving and tuning into how the body functions through breath-work, helping you to energise, focus, find deep peace and release from external distractions. Creating a focus on your own energy and moving into slow flowing yoga that explores transitions and movement between poses, flowing with strength and ease, ending in deep relaxation to release and soften the body and soft tissues.

Each week will be themed to ensure we deepen our yoga roots and ensure or bodies move in new and creative ways. Leave feeling energised, refreshed and calm; ready for the day ahead.

Wednesday 7am-8am Yoga + Sound with Emily Forbes

Everything in the universe is made up of molecules and vibration, including the human body.  To live a happy, healthy life we want our vibrations to be high and our molecules/energy to be moving freely.

Morning yoga

Asana (posture) practice works to stimulate energy movement but sound is also a tool which can be used to help release stagnation.
This class blends yin and yang asana with sound to shake up our molecules whilst finding stillness and peace in the body, allowing you to leave the class feeling blissful and balanced.

The benefits of Yoga + Sound are:

Increased energy
Improved mental and emotional clarity
Promotion of stillness and relaxation of the body
Reduced stress
Balance of the mind and body
Improved sleep
Connection to the self
Expect sound in different forms such as the singing bowls, drum, gong, mantra and guided meditation.

Expect to warm up with Sun Salutations, moving through a selection of awakening postures, calming meditation and energising pranayama (breathing techniques). The class will finish with a nourishing relaxation. Allowing your body to feel bright and your mind to feel calm and alert before the day ahead!

Our morning yoga sessions have been crafted to fit into your working day so you will still have time to arrive at work relaxed, yet alert! You don’t have to be working 9-5 to join in the morning fun, early birds are more than welcome!!

Come and join us at 7am to set yourself up for a good yogic day ahead #seeyouonthemat

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