Moon Sequence Workshop

with Kirsten Steffensen

Friday 27th June
7.15pm – 9pm
£15 drop in or £12.50 pre-book

CHANDRA KRAMA – The Moon Sequence

Moon Sequence”Chandra Krama is intended for practice on the full moon, the new moon and at those times when you are feeling more tired than usual or have injuries you need to heal”

”Practicing a restorative sequence at regular intervals can decrease the risk of strain an injury and increase awareness of your changing internal body. We are all being influenced by the seasons and the waxing/waning moon, time of day/month and choosing the right yoga practice is important to keep you feeling balanced”

”The Moon Sequence has been designed with Ashtanga practitioners in mind.

It is a flowing therapeutic sequence for shoulders, wrists, knees, hips and the lower back and it has no jumping back/forward”

”In recent years there has been increasing research into the difference between the skeleton, the organs, soft tissue and connective tissue and how different techniques affect them.

Dynamic movement based practices tend to activate and develop the gross aspects of the body – skeleton, organs and larger muscles.

The internal (subtle) and connective aspects of the body – the ligaments, tendons and fascia are best activated and released through passive stretching held for a longer time and simple awareness”

”The slower you move the more you can let go”