We invite you to join the incredible Senior Yoga Teacher Julia Knight for our Moon Sequence + Meditation workshop on Friday 31st May at 7pm.

What is the Moon Sequence?

The ‘Moon Sequence’ was created by advanced yoga practitioner Matthew Sweeney as a way to balance the fiery nature of Ashtanga yoga, and to restore the body on moon days when our energies need support. This is a nourishing yet dynamic set sequence, working closely with gravity and the earths energy. We will explore a strong focus on hips and shoulder tension release, flowing with the breath.

The Moon Sequence allows us to harmonise our Yang practices and busy lives, with a cooling Yin attitude and pace. This helps us to bring balance whilst maintaining and cooling the nervous system. You don’t need to practice Ashtanga to benefit from this beautiful Friday evening workshop. If you are looking to ease into a Yin yoga flow with infused moments of meditation, this is the workshop for you.


After our Moon sequence we will settle into a long, relaxing Savasana before taking time to deepen the connection to our source with cooling Pranayama and a guided Moon Meditation.

On this Spring full moon we increase awareness of our changing mind and body conditions whilst regulating the nervous system.

Bring yourself back to the present after this deeply relaxing session with some lovely tea and cake. A Moon Phases handout will be given to each student to take away with them, including — an introduction to the effect the Moon has on us throughout its phases, and how we might connect consciously with this throughout each moon month.


When // Friday 31st May, 7-9pm

Where // Yoga Kula Studio

Booking // You can book your place on this workshop by clicking here.

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