My Classes

The Vinyasa sequences I teach follow dynamic choreography, incorporating Ashtanga asanas and a strong focus on alignment which has always been important to me and is a much needed foundation for asana practice! Sometimes I take long intros for seated meditation depending on the energy in the room, sometimes I incorporate a longer Yin relaxation to close.

Classes are always fun and always allow students to explore their own abilities. We focus on their breath and movement coordination, putting their own intention into whatever physical practice I guide them through, so are suitable for beginners and intermediate yogis too.

My Yoga Journey

I started randomly ‘doing yoga’ about 15 years ago at a gym in Liverpool, just part of my physical training schedule. I missed the tradition and structure of Muay Thai which I’d stopped practicing after injuring my spine. My yoga practice became more regular when I moved back to my home town of Manchester in 2004, and I eventually engaged with some great teachers like Sue Hodgkinson and Eleanor Coates who taught a lot more around the Eight Limbs, anatomy and alignment, intention setting and pranayama. Most of the things I picked up from them shaped how I actually teach today. I became pretty hooked, and was practicing about 4 times a week after work. Then I moved to Leeds in 2014 and found some great teachers here, including Angela from Kula, who gave me a new understanding of yoga – the facets of it which brings peace and calm and focus to life off the mat. I remember having a bit of a stressful time, and Angela talked to me about taking a step back and trying to meditate on some of the simpler things in life like good food, and preparation, and eating. It was probably then that I started to actually look at the Eight Limbs and Ayurveda a little more, take Yin and Restorative classes, and generally learn to be a less ‘gung ho’ about life. All things considered yoga has had a pretty great impact on my life, allowing me to get over some injury and mobility issues which recurred in 2016, bringing me a sense of calm in my mind and tools to overcome anxiety and emotional imbalances, and also now bringing me a wonderful new career which I love. I really enjoy getting students to understand how to feel their asana practice, I always say that much as I can guide them into putting their feet in the right place or stretching their arms in a certain direction, they need to engage with their own bodies and feel whats good for them. My classes do include a lot of alignment and anatomy pointers, to encourage people to understand what and where their body should and could feel movement and changes. I also like slow and focused flow, moving steadily with breath and building strength, not rushing from pose to pose. It’s all just a reflection of how I like to practice myself really!

My Credentials

200RYT certificate passed with flying colours last March, from Sampoorna Yoga School, Agonda, Goa, India.