Angela, founder of Yoga Kula and Pearl Davidson winner of Miss England SportswomanYoga Kula student Pearl-Susanne Davison has credited Yoga Kula with helping her during her journey to secure the title of Miss England Sportswoman 2016.

Pearl-Susanne Davison won the national title of Miss England Sports Woman 2016 at the Miss England National Final held in Southport on the 21st July 2016.

A Psychiatric Nurse from Headingley, Leeds proved she was the fittest girl in the recent national Miss England grand finals by winning the Top Sports award.

A gruelling boot camp was held in Southport between 50 Miss England heat winners from all over the country. Pearl-Susanne works as a nurse but in her spare time is a bodybuilder won the award and a place in the top 20 of the national final. – (deemed the toughest round in the contest)Pearl Davison and Angela Sykes

Pearl-Susanne competed at the Miss Leeds competition. Having won the 1st runner-up place at the competition Pearl-Susanne was invited to the Miss England Semi-Final and gained a place in the Grand Final after winning a place in the top 15 contestants out of 58 ladies.

Yoga Kula was so impressed by Pearl’s efforts we have now sponsored Pearl with membership to go along with her national title.

Pearl-Susanne said she is so proud of her achievement and is glad to be joining Yoga Kula. This is what Pearl-Susanne had to say.

Pearl Davison and Angela SykesPearl had this to say;

“I was introduced to Yoga Kula in 2015 by a friend and I began attending Angela’s Ashtanga Yoga Class.  After the first session, I felt amazing and I couldn’t wait to go back.

With a busy stressful job as a Mental Health nurse it was & still is a perfect release, a release from the typical emotions which arise such as anxiety and stress and over active thoughts from the pressure and demands.  Yoga Kula, I view as a safe place I can roll out my mat & just literally let go, spending time purely focusing on my body, breath & awareness. It taught me to transpire my practice into other areas of my life. For example, through yoga I’ve learnt to work with the breath.  To maintain steady breathing through difficult poses with no interruptions without holding the breath keeps the mind calm. During stressful times in my life if I remember to breathe I think more clearly & make better decisions.  It has helped massively with my bikini competitions, entering Miss England & stage anxiety. Yoga has helped bridge a balance between my other methods of exercise such as weight lifting & high intensity classes.”Pearl Davison and Angela Sykes

We are delighted to have helped Pearl during this incredible journey and hope that her story inspires many more people to take up a place on the mat, whether that is for the 1st time, 2nd time or 100th time.


Read more about Pearl’s journey in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Photo credit: Vivienne Edge Photography