We love to keep the Kula timetable fresh and interesting, that’s why we are so happy to have a brand new 9am, Wednesday Vinyasa Flow class with the incredible Susi Wick. You might have come to one of Susi’s cool Pop up Flow to the Beat classes at Kula in the past, well now you have the opportunity to practice with her every Wednesday at 9am at her brand new Vinyasa Flow class. The first class is FREE. So don’t forget to book your place via this link.

We caught up with Susi to find out more about this new class.

We are so excited for your brand new 9am all levels Vinyasa Flow class, is Vinyasa Flow your favourite style of yoga to teach?

I am SUPER excited too! Absolutely, I love teaching Vinyasa Flow. Connecting your breath to the movement and constantly finding new ways to move, feel, open and strengthen the body and mind is so important to my practice – it keeps me sane! We feel different every day, so our bodies will need different things to make it feel good. I try and give people who come and practice with me enough space and variations to figure out whatever they need that day and make sure there is a safe space in my class to choose whatever is best for their practice.

What do you think the benefits are to practicing in the morning?

Starting your day moving is always good! Taking time for yourself is such a good way to start a new day. Most of us lead very busy lives, that we often forget (and I include myself in that) to look after the most important person – ourselves. I believe in the positive benefits yoga can bring to anyones life. Benefits that include more energy throughout the day, better sleep and help in finding the tools to deal with whatever life throws at you.

What can students expect from your new class?

My classes are dynamic with a strong focus on strengthening & conditioning both body and mind. Music is a big part of my classes and there is always room for playfulness and giggles. I try to push my students to come out of their comfort zone and try new things but at the same time give them the freedom to choose from whatever is best for them at the given moment. I get quite close to my students and work with a lot of hands-on-assists to guide safely though a session.

How long have you been practicing yoga?

Yoga and I didn’t get off on the right foot, to be honest. I hated my first yoga class. Stretching? Really? – thanks, but not for me. My good friend, who is a yoga teacher back home in Germany, however, did not give up hope and basically dragged me to one of her classes – I walked out feeling absolutely AMAZING, so I decided to give yoga another chance. I have been practicing yoga since 2012 and fell in love with it during my first visit to Goa, India in 2014 where I started to develop a regular practice.

When did you do your yoga teacher training?

I trained in Costa Rica with Yoga Academy International at RYT-200 level in February 2017.

Describe your teaching style in one word?


What do you get up to when you’re not teaching?

I LOVE chocolate, heartfelt laughter, love, travelling, a good book, music, nature, zombie & MARVEL movies and I’ve recently got seriously addicted to spinning.

Come along to Susi’s first Vinyasa Flow class on Wednesday 18th July at 9am. The first class is free, so book your place now. Book your free yoga class with Susi.