We are so excited to welcome 2018 and to open the studio after a lovely Christmas break. As you may know, we have added two brand new classes to the timetable in 2018; Rocket Yoga and Yoga Technique.

We caught up with Rocket Yoga teacher Dom Byrne to find out more about his brand new Rocket Yoga class.

Hi Dom, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today, right before your first ever class!

No problem at all, happy to help and I’m excited to teach the very first Rocket class at Kula.

When did you do your teacher training?

I did my very first teacher training in early 2017, which was Ashtanga Vinyasa. The training was really good and I have regularly practiced Ashtanga for years, however, once I discovered Rocket yoga and subsequently completed my Rocket Teacher Training in September 2017, Rocket became my go-to yoga because of the variety it offers.

So Rocket is your favourite yoga class to teach, which is your favourite class to take as a student? 

It might sound a bit obvious but I would always choose Rocket. Ashtanga is still such a great class and offers the student a lot in terms of deepening and developing, however, at the moment I’m looking for variety in my practice and I love not knowing what is coming next. Rocket provides me with so much more, lots of variety, lots of arm balances and lots of fun.

When did you first discover yoga?

That’s a good question. I obviously knew about yoga, but it wasn’t until I was on a long holiday in Guatemala in 2015 that I can say I actually discovered yoga. During that time I booked a yoga retreat and I was literally hooked from that moment. During the 4 months I dipped in out of classes, it was a really special time. Prior to that I often practiced yoga at home using YouTube videos but didn’t quite manage to get to class for a few reasons. Mostly it was probably due to not finding the time, but it was also because I felt aware that a lot of yoga classes were female orientated. I didn’t want to be the only guy, which is a shame because yoga is for everyone and I would like to expel that myth with my classes.

Following my incredible time in Guatemala, I returned to the UK where I took up a regular practice and the studio I went to was Yoga Kula. At that point I didn’t focus on a specific style, I tried a little bit of everything.

Who were your first teachers at Yoga Kula?

The lovely Angela and Helen!

What is your inspiration for classes?

It’s a tough question but I would say my inspiration is trying new things and exploring, which in essence is what Rocket Yoga is all about.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love doing lots of different things, not just yoga! But I would say I particularly love traveling. I recently went to New York which was incredible and I am due to travel to the Philippines in January.

Describe your yoga style in two words

Energic and fun.

If you are interested in coming to Dom’s Rocket Yoga classes at Yoga Kula you can book on Mind Body online or on the app. We have a daytime 10 class passes priced at £60 which is valid for 16 weeks, or you can pay a daytime drop in for £8. You can read more about our new class pass options and pricing here.

If you can’t make Wednesday lunchtimes, Helen will be running regular Rocket & Restore workshops, the first Rocket & Restore is taking place on Friday 5th January 2018 at 7pm. Book here.