We met up with the lovely Liz Wood to catch up on yoga, running and her brand new Hatha Level 1 class which runs every Friday at 8:45 am.

Hi Liz how are you?

I’m really great thank you.

What have you been up to lately?

I’ve been working with a running injury which has been really interesting because I have had to stop and use my yoga skills to come back to my body and tune into what I need to recover from this injury. Sometimes these things can be a nice reminder to go back to basics.

Are you still a keen runner?

Running is my all-time favourite and I discovered yoga by using it to balance out my running. Then I learned the headspace benefits and stillness of yoga which was so enlightening so I went on to train to teach yoga and have never looked back. During my injury, I managed to keep teaching my regular classes and followed the physio’s advice by doing some strength work and swimming etc. and I have really found that lessons from the yoga mat can apply to so many other areas of your life.

How many classes do you teach a week at Kula?

I’m really happy to say I now teach 3 classes a week, Monday level 1 hatha t 10:15am, my brand-new Friday level 1 Hatha at 8:45am and my Hot Yoga class on Friday at 5:45pm.

You currently teach a level 1 Hatha every Monday and you have recently started another level 1 Hatha every Friday, why do you like teaching this class?

Level 1 Hatha is one of my favourite classes to teach for so many reasons. I particularly love having new students coming to class whether it’s their first yoga class ever or first class at Yoga Kula it’s really rewarding to meet them and find out about their experience and expectations of yoga. It’s like starting their yoga journey with then. I also love teaching this class because when I meet someone relatively new to yoga or a complete beginner I get to witness the changes it can have on some people which is incredible to be a part of. I have always regarded my morning Hatha class as a lovely way to start your day. It certainly sets my day up better by providing me with the time to connect with myself and determine how I will spend the rest of my day. My morning Hatha classes allow everyone in the studio time to pause, to reflect, to think about themselves, to slow down and to reconnect. It’s a beautiful class to teach.

Who are your Level 1 Hatha classes aimed at?

My Level 1 hatha classes are all about moving slowly, however, it’s not necessarily an easy class, some classes will allow you to challenge yourself, however, you will always have the freedom to take it at your own pace, to rest when you need to and to tune in to your body so it can inform you on what feels right. Therefore, I think these classes are suitable for everyone – those people who want to balance out their week ahead or the weekend ahead by pausing and giving themselves the time and space they need. They are also aimed directly at beginners, perhaps those who have recently completed the Begin course at Kula.

What can students expect from your Level 1 Hatha class?

I often start my hatha classes by letting students know that the class will be about listening to their body to know what feels right for you. I let students know that if a pose works better modified or skipped completely then quite simply anything goes. We are in control of our bodies and we are the best people who can tune in and know what is best.  I reassure students that there is no right or wrong when it comes to your body and mind.

Students can expect a very open, very welcoming class where nobody is going to be looking at you. I also ask students to try and not compare themselves, and instead to focus that energy and attention inward, by tuning into yourself.

Do you like teaching in the morning?

Quite honestly Mondays and Fridays are my favourite way to start the day. Morning yoga can give you so many benefits, it moves your body after a sleep, whether that’s a good or bad night’s sleep, either way, it’s important to move your body early in the day to blow away the cobwebs. I absolutely love starting the day the right way and my classes even allow me the space and time to think about how I’m going to spend my day.

You also teach Hot Yoga; do you think your hot yoga class will appeal to your Level 1 Hatha students?

My Friday Hot Yoga class is such a great time of day and it’s only an hour so students can go home and continue the rest of their Friday anyway they please. There are 40 postures which we do throughout the class but as with my Level 1 Hatha, I advise students to only do the sections which feel right. It is a faster paced class than the Level 1 Hatha, however, if you come with an open mind to going at your own pace you might like to come and do a couple of the poses whilst enjoying the infrared heat which has so many benefits in itself.  Enjoy the heat in a different way. It’s a perfectly timed class to work hard and get hot then enjoy a wind down at the end of the week., especially if some students have had a busy week rushing around. They can come along sweat it out and then rest in the warmth. It’s like putting a marker at the end of Friday.

Start with child’s pose – if at any point you can take rest, drink water, or come to child’s pose. Relax a little, there is no pressure.

If you are interested in trying one of Liz’s classes here are your options:

Hatha Level 1: Monday 10:15am + Friday 8:45am

Hot Yoga: Friday, 5:45pm

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