Part 3 of Kula’s Indian Adventure—Living amongst yogis

This year Yoga Kula took a group of our most adventurous Kulis up to the Indian Himalayas to give them a taste of what yoga is really all about.

I think one of the most powerful aspects of retreating to a place like the Himalayas is the way it deepens your personal yoga practice and sheds light on the puzzle that life can often become. Surrounded by the peace and natural beauty of the mountains, in the very place where yogi’s have travelled to for thousands of years, can be an enlightening experience.

On this retreat to Dunagiri we were lucky enough to spend our time with a local yogi called Bat-Koti-Ji, who wandered the mountains for several years before settling at Dunagiri two years ago. As a wandering yogi Bat-Koti learnt what to eat by observing monkeys, used yogic techniques such as child’s pose and fire breathing to survive the cold winters, and he spent his time walking the mountains bare foot whilst tending ritual fires he had lit.

Bat-Koti-Ji chose this simple way of life so that the attachment to worldly possessions could not distract him. For years he lived without social interaction and in doing so overcame many obstacles. One of the most inspiring stories that Bat-Koti told our group was that he was once meditating in his cave and opened his eyes to find a large leopard sitting next to him, at this point, rather than giving into his natural reaction to panic, he chose to stay calm and not react. He then closed his eyes and continued meditating not losing his inner balance, and when he opened his eyes again, several hours later, the leopard was gone.

We all learned so much from Bat-Koti-Ji, who has dedicated his life to achieving a yogic state of mind, he inspired us all to continue with our own practice, to not react when we lose our balance in class, and life, and to face the challenges that come with calm, inner wisdom and poise.

A x.

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