Get in touch with your feminine wisdom and meet your inner Goddess and come along to Karen Heras-Kelly’s Goddess Power workshop on Sunday October 30th 2016. We caught up with Karen to find out what her workshop is all about:

What will students feel like during and after the workshop?

Students will feel lighter, clearer and empowered. This is a safe space for women to explore their true self and calling. The workshop is transformational and is a lifeline to women looking to find a deeper connection with their most powerful and authentic self. It is a celebration of womanhood, so they will feel joyful and liberated.

What will students be doing in the workshop?

They will go on a transformational inner journey, where they will get rid of any unwanted baggage and acknowledge their many gifts. This is about self-discovery, physical and emotional movement, and acceptance – it is about coming together in an all-woman environment to witness, support and fan each others’ wings.

Each student will claim her feminine power and is supported by Karen Heras-Kelly, an expert in female empowerment, as well as encouraged by the wider group. All participants will overcome the power of their saboteurs/inner critics and connect with their own Goddess. It is about creating new life affirming patterns and connecting to their higher self.

What are the key benefits of this workshop?

Emotional freedom, the creation of new life affirming perspectives, a self esteem turbo booster, intimacy and the power of coming together as a community of women. The ability to open your heart to yourself and tune into your essence, as well as making commitments that will support you on your journey of self-love and respect.

Who is the target audience of this workshop?

All women looking to connect to their healthy divine feminine and yin energy. (NB: Some women may need to bring more healthy divine masculine energy into their lives, so they would work with their yang).

Will there be any particular poses or physical aspects to the workshops? 

No, there is movement in the workshop however it is free flowing and open to all levels of fitness. It is up to each individual how much movement they would like to bring to the workshop.

Please could you provide a brief outline to how the workshop will be structured? 

The workshop is structured so that we have periods of sitting, moving, meditating and doing group work. The rest is a surprise.

Is the workshop educational, spiritual or motivational?

This workshop has been designed to connect with body, mind and spirit; therefore it covers off all of these.

Will there be any snacks/ drinks served? 

Hot tea will be provided. Students will need to bring their own snacks.