“Lammas gives us the opportunity to give thanks to the Earth for her abundance and to express our gratitude for our own personal harvest.” Glennie Kindred

Join Senior Teacher Lara Heppell for a nourishing Summer Women’s Workshop aimed at providing us with some time and space for reflection, self love and inner connection.

What is Lammas?

Lammas time also called Lughnasadh (pronouced loo-nassa), falls at the beginning of August. Historically celebrated with harvest festivals by our ancestors, it is a Pagan celebration of Celtic origin.

The fesitival reminds us that we need to look after and respect the beauty and vulnerability of the Earth around us, with the same being true of ourselves. Lammas is a time for reflecting on the seeds we have planted in our own lives during the year, and any flowers or crops that might have grown from our efforts.

Lammas is a great time to practice gratitude or loving kindness meditations and to really think about what, and who, we are grateful for in the height of summer light.

The Workshop Lammas Harvest

This workshop will be a celebration of all things feminine and an invitation to develop self love and inner awareness. Shifting from the high Yang energy of summer to bring a more feminine Yin focus to our yoga practice.  As the fiery potent summer energy begins to wane, we are once again are drawn to turn our attention inwards. We will combine calming, soothing and healing breath practices, alongside a combination of Yin & Yang yoga. Exploring the initial building inner heat with flowing sequences in honour of the sun, before slowing down with soft, fluid movements. Through this practice, we’ll connect to our inner rhythms and energies.

We will finish our session with deeply nourishing restorative yoga practices and plenty of time for reflection, deep relaxation and rest, being mindful of our cycle and the needs of our own body on the day.

All women are welcome. Tea and some delicious treats will be available at the end.

Please bring a journal and pen, and if needed an extra blanket and/or cushion to make a really cosy nest at the end of the workshop.

You will receive a handout to take home about the session with some Lammas inspired meditation questions.

* Women Only 

When? // Sunday 3rd August, 2:30-5pm

Where? // The Yoga Kula Studio, Chapel Allerton

Price? // £27.50

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