My Classes

I create a safe and empowering environment for students to explore their yoga practice, and have been teaching in Leeds since 2015. I love Vinyasa Flow because it allows me to create really expressive and fluid sequences, although I do choose to also work with monthly themes inspired by life. These allow you to develop your practice over time by returning to our theme which may be philosophical, pose focused, or a single word as an anchor. Seamless creative and layered flows backed by a playlist which mirrors where we are energetically are staples of my classes. These classes are like a homecoming – you will leave feeling more alive in a peaceful and easeful way. For me yoga is an awakened approach to living, and not simply a form of moving so my guidance encourages you to take any lessons you learn on the mat with you to your everyday living! I am all about feeling and expressing over perfection. There’s plenty of space for smiles and laughter in my classes as I remind you that all starts with you- as the relationship you hold with yourself evolves so too will everything else in your life!

My Yoga Journey

I stumbled onto a yoga mat after being taken to a class by a friend. What started off as a form of physical exercise developed into a lifestyle of looking after my mind, body and soul. Yoga positively transformed the relationship I had with myself, and opened me up to experiencing life. I’ve always wanted to work within a field that empowers and creates positive change, and so completing my training was the next natural step. Watching students develop confidence and excitement through their practice is a beautiful gift.

My Credentials

In 2015 I completed my 200hr vinyasa training with Frog Lotus Yoga alongside the amazing Vidya Heisel. The training also covered her own branch of yoga called Envision Yoga which uses verbal and physical techniques to encourage self love and positive thought patterns. I have always loved working with children and therefore completed further training with The Collins and Barth School of Yoga certifying me to teach Kids Yoga.

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