The Yoga Kula Iyengar class provides the opportunity to go deeper into the alignment of yoga asana (postures). With the use of yoga props and specific techniques we discover the detail of each pose and sequence allowing us to discover it’s deeper layers and get more out of the time we spend practicing. In this session, there is a focus on awareness, breath and finding peace in the poses. With the knowledge gained in this class students will be well prepared for other yoga styles.

This session is great for all levels and will provide a sound foundation on which to build good yoga asana habits.

Iyengar is taught by Lesley Watson.

  • Improve alignment principles.
  • Remove ‘bad habits’ in your practice.
  • Take time to work with individual poses.
  • Improve self awareness in postures.
  • Work with a highly skilled teacher with an eye for practicing in a safe way.