This winter, Yoga Kula has teamed up with Issho Victoria Gate in Leeds, to bring you some very special and exclusive events.

On Saturday 26th January and Saturday 16th February we invited you to join Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Kula Director Angela Sykes, in the beautiful frosted surroundings of Issho’s Winter Terrace.  We held a bespoke yoga session based around the Japanese concept of Ikigai. In Japan people believe everyone has an Ikigai – a reason to jump out of bed in the morning, a focus. Sometimes we simply haven’t taken time to discover it. Yoga offers us an opportunity to slow down, look deep within, realign with who we really are and what we want to bring to the world. It supports us to face life challenges with presence and flow.

Issho Winter Terrace

Our Ikigai session opened with a deeply restful restorative yoga pose using props for added support, followed by gentle warm ups and breathing techniques allowing us to really arrive and centre. We spent some time setting intentions and clearing the mind with simple meditation techniques before moving into soothing low flows. These slow and low flows open up the body in a calming and peaceful way. We take opportunities throughout to pause in restful yin poses to open the body and steady the mind.

Issho Winter Terrace

During the session Angela worked with NEOM oils to enhance our experience. ‘Scent To Boost Your Energy’ is perfect to bring a sense of clarity to mind, whilst ‘Scent To De-Stress’ brings about a sense of deep relaxation.

Neom Oils

The session ended with green tea, meditation and time to deeply rest and nourish our bodies and minds to soothing music before moving to the Kori bar for a beautiful Akachan Brunch.


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