My Classes

My teaching focuses on awareness of movement and breath, with an emphasis on healthy body mechanics, alignment and postural strength to create an intense, physical and internally focused practice.

My Yoga Journey

I come from a professional dance background. In between dance contracts and auditions I searched for a way of staying healthy, flexible and strong and started doing more yoga. The more yoga I did the more I started to discover the other benefits of yoga and found that it helped to maintain focus, build inner strength and was a great balance with a hectic dance career.

My Credentials

I trained as a yoga teacher in 2012 with ‘Yoga London’ and during my career I’ve worked with choreographers, movement artists and teachers. My experience includes many movement styles including Yoga, Dance, Feldenkrais, Acrobatics, Gyrotonics and Pilates. I’m Associate Director of ‘The Middleton Corpus’ a contemporary dance company. I’ve recently undertaken intense study with Ana Forest Yoga in San Francisco.