We took some time out with Tiia Ourila, who recently graduated from our first Yoga Teacher Training Course. Tiia joins the Yoga Kula team on Saturday 27th April with an exciting Hot Yoga class This first class is FREE, so make sure to book ahead.


Hi Tiia!

Welcome to the Kula team! We’re really looking forward to working with you and it’s been a pleasure to see you flourish throughout our first TTC course. So that our students can get to know you and hear about your new Hot Yoga class on Saturdays , we have a few questions for you.

Can you describe your class in 3 words?

Starter , main course and dessert! By that I mean we prepare, we work through the main chunk of postures and then we enjoy the delicious rest.  If you want a more serious answer , I would say a flowing, energetic, and physical practice.

Tell us about your yoga experience?

I started Yoga when I was performing a piece of very challenging dance work that involved difficult balances. I’ve  always loved moving and can hardly ever stay still. I thought Yoga would help me to find the mental focus and the physical resilience that we need for balancing work. I have to admit Yoga wasn’t love at first sight – actually the opposite. The thought of not moving in space much, leaping through the air in various ways and forms felt imprisoning to me. But in my heart I knew that this is what my mind and body actually needed, there was a reason why I found it challenging, my life was lacking Yin, I was missing out on the quieter energy, I wasn’t listening to the softer voice in me.

If you aren’t on the yoga mat, where would we find you?

Most of the time I’m in dance studio teaching dance, planning dance classes,  in the gym or in nature walking and enjoying the beauty of the nature’s wonderful things.

How long have you been practicing Yoga?

My journey started more than 10 years ago with workshops and classes, but for about 4 years now I have had a regular practice of Yoga, 6 days a week.

How has your experience been as a student on our first TTC, and do you have any advice for someone considering doing a Yoga Teacher Training Course in the future?

The yoga journey is for life so be patient and give yourself time, whilst being dedicated to the journey you also need to understand that even with committed practice and study it takes time as there is so much to learn. And the key is to practice, experience the practices in your body and mind, then practice more.  The course lasts for 18 months but you will be learning for the rest of your life. Take it at your pace, learn as much as you can right now and then continue learning. Don’t panic.

What made you decide you wanted to teach yoga?

I found a journey from being a dancer to being a dance teacher. That journey didn’t happen through choice but through an injury that made me stop performing. I have found teaching to be a wonderful experience and I am grateful that my path took me to experience this. I love the communication that takes place both through physically and verbally . The idea of yoga helping people to achieve better health , improved quality in their lives, a more connected existence and that I could support them in their journey is a very satisfying thought.

Who inspires you?

I am grateful that my path crossed with Gillian Shippey who introduced me to yoga . I connected with her poetic way of instructing the class, I left her class feeling nourished in so many ways, and now that I am on my yoga teaching journey I aspire to bring beauty and poetry similarly into my teaching . Through the TTC I got to observe Angela teaching in many different contexts and she never stops amazing and inspiring me. Her every action is filled with knowledge and experience and she is the embodiment of she teaches.

Who is your class aimed towards?

The class will be filled with movement and flow,  you will find yourself gracefully flowing from posture to posture. If you enjoy a physical challenge you will be sure to find it , there will always be options for people to work with their own pace , range and appropriate level of challenge on the day. If you are looking to improve your mobility, combined strength and flexibility this is a class for you.

What part of joining the Kula team on our regular timetable are you most excited about?

The teachers I have met through the TTC training are all incredibly passionate and experienced in yoga. Following my passion is really important to me and working at Kula allows me to do just that. It means the world to me be working as part of a team that has such drive to share the yoga experience with people, and who care so much about the wellbeing of every single student in every single class.

Book Hot Yoga with Tiia Ourila on Saturday 27th April  here // This session is FREE – future classes can be booked using an Anytime Class Pass or by purchasing a £10 drop in.