Sian Grayson recently started teaching Postnatal Yoga on Mondays at 11:30am, here we find out a little bit more about Sian.

How did you get into yoga?

I discovered yoga as a teenager, while suffering from M.E which left me unable to do much at all let alone any exercise! I found yoga and meditation totally restorative and it helped me recover and manage life’s challenges in a positive way.

What forms of yoga have you studied?

I’ve studied many different forms of yoga including hatha, vinyasa flow, jivamutki and ashtanga. The more I practiced the more I was able to do and this inspired me to train as a teacher to help others reap the many benefits that yoga can give.

You’ve just started teaching postnatal yoga on Monday mornings, what do children bring to your practice?

Now that I’m on the crazy journey that is being a parent of two boys, it means that I like to focus on being strong and fitting in as much practice as I can around the busy job of parenting— this usually involves being on my mat with the kids climbing all over me and the dog trying to steal my spot.

What do you aim to pass onto new mothers in your class?

I help new mamas regain their strength and heal themselves while being able to include their babies. I am far from Instagram ready and love to provide a comfortable and fun environment for my students to thrive, if my class hasn’t involved some laughter then its been a rubbish one.

What else can you tell us about your postnatal class?

So my class has a basic formula of being all about the mums. I try to get as much actual yoga in as I can but focus the poses on the usual gripes that come with being a mother—neck and shoulders from carrying and feeding their babies, as well as strengthening the core and the whole body. I also include pelvic floor exercises and special exercises specifically for diastasis recti (split abdominal muscles).
After giving birth you feel like a fucking tiger warrior but then quickly start to feel broken and tired, so I try to get the mamas to work slowly back to that tiger feeling.