We took some time out to chat with the wonderful Miz DeShannon from Nataraja Yoga who recently joined the Yoga Kula teaching team.


Welcome to the Yoga Kula team! We’re really excited to be working with you and love starting every Sunday with you.  So that our students can get to know you, we have a few questions for you. 

Miz DeShannon

You’re teaching Hot Vinyasa Flow at 8am on Sunday mornings, are you a more of a morning or a night person?

A good friend of mine was researching this for a thesis recently – apparently the likelyhood of us being a morning / night person depends on what time of day were born, and I was born at around 4am, so….. 

I do love the moonlight, I struggle sleeping, my body has this need to be awake through the night no matter how emotionally or physically difficult my day has been. It is quite frustrating and I work really hard at that ‘night time routine’ thing. When I lived in Manchester I’d go out for walks through the suburbs where I lived at 2-3am. Now, I live by the woods, I sit on the step and star gaze every evening. And on a full moon, my favourite thing to do is to take a moon walk – the light in the woods is fantastic, I love the dark grey-blue colours and shadows, and spotting the shapes of the constellations.

Is this class suitable for students at the start of their yoga practice?

I’ve practiced hot yoga for a long time, and I’ve always experienced a lot of different people in hot yoga classes. What matters is the class structure, the sequencing being delivered, and in my classes I always like to make sure everyone has something they can get their head around. Much as I write my classes down, figure out my theme for the week and spend time practising them myself so I know they work, nine times out of ten they change once I get to the studio and I meet my students. I read the room and adjust what I teach accordingly, so everyone is always more than welcome and there’s something for everyone in my classes. 

Do you practice every day?

I don’t get to do a physical practice every day, but considering the breadth of what yoga is, I like to think it’s now an integral part of my life every day.

If you’re not on the yoga mat, where are we likely to find you?

On my front step watching the clouds and talking to the trees.

If you could sum yourself up in 3 words, what would they be?

A massive hippy.

What is your yoga story? When did you start practicing and how has yoga impacted on your life?

I started randomly ‘doing yoga’ about 15 years ago at a gym in Liverpool, just part of my physical training schedule. I missed the tradition and structure of Muay Thai which I’d stopped practicing after injuring my spine. My yoga practice became more regular when I moved back to my home town of Manchester in 2004, and I eventually engaged with some great teachers who taught a lot around anatomy and alignment, intention setting and pranayama. Most of the things I picked up from them shaped how I actually teach today. I became pretty hooked, and was practicing about 4 times a week after work. Then I moved to Leeds in 2014 and found some great teachers here, including Angela from Kula, who gave me a new understanding of yoga – the facets of it which brings peace and calm and focus to life off the mat.

 All things considered yoga has had a pretty great impact on my life, allowing me to get over some injury and mobility issues which recurred in 2016, bringing me a sense of calm in my mind and tools to overcome anxiety and emotional imbalances, and also now bringing me a wonderful new career which I love.

What is your favourite thing about teaching a hot class?

Knowing the buzz and energy that the students get (I hope!) because I’ve done hot yoga myself, and seeing them smile at the end of the class.

If a student is unsure whether to give this class a go, what advice would you give them?

There’s no reason not to!

Would you like to add anything?

If anyone has any questions about my classes  – talk to me! You can ask me anything you want to and I’ll try my best to give you a full answer. I’ve been asked all sorts, from detail about poses, to “what do I do when….”, and how to take things from the class into home practice. Try me!



Join Miz DeShannon every Sunday at 8am for an All Levels Hot Vinyasa Flow – the perfect way to begin your Sunday.

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