Ella Young will begin teaching weekly vinyasa flow classes at Kula this week, below we talk to her about all things yoga.

How did you get into Yoga?

I had my first encounter with yoga at the age of 16, this slowly progressed until I was taking regular classes when I was at university.

When did yoga become a priority?

It was when I graduated that I made yoga a priority—I decided to move to Australia for a few months to travel and immerse myself in the practice, but little did I know quite how powerful, rewarding and fulfilling this ancient system was and what was supposed to be a 5 month trip turned into two years!

Where did you study to become a yoga teacher?

After practicing and studying with Power Living in Sydney I moved to Byron Bay where I spent a year studying at the Byron Yoga Centre and gained my level 1, 2, 3 & Cert 4 (800hr) in Yoga Teacher Training.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My friend Kate Nelson aka @plasticfreemermaid is a huge inspiration to me. We met whilst living in Bondi Beach and both moved to Byron Bay around the same time. She is an activist working to reduce single use plastic waste and both the awareness she has raised plus the progress she has made is incredible. She herself has 100% quit plastics, which means she forgoes any food, beverage, item of clothing, cosmetic etc if it comes wrapped in plastic. She spreads her message in a feminine and fun way, with luxury retreats, team surfs/beach clean ups, topless tea parties and DIY pamper parties—teaching how fun it can be to create your own cosmetics! Kate has become the change she wishes to see in the world and her actions are making a huge impact on our planet.

What’s your favourite yoga pose?

This changes regularly but right now I’d have to say Janu Sirsasana: it’s an inward focussing pose and I love the feeling I get in my back, it’s the perfect balance between effort and ease.

If you could train with any yogi, past or present, who would it be?

Donna Farhi. Her book ‘bringing yoga to life’ is my favourite book, I’ve read it over and over and there’s always a new lesson to be learned and ideas to ponder.

Mysore or Bihar?

Bihar. I am a huge believer in yoga nidra and master Swami Sayananda, the creator of Bihar yoga, has written an amazing book that I us in my teachings.

What’s your favourite healthy snack?

Organic medjool dates with almond butter. I love food and prepare all sorts. I write a food blog: Wellness Wins, and have an Instagram account where I share all my favourite food creations: @wellnesswins

And finally, what does Yoga mean to you?

I believe yoga to be a life skill that enriches every single experience; the breath tastes like the most thirst quenching drink, movement becomes a dance and yoga empowers us to embrace the choices and opportunities that are present in each moment.

Join Ella on Satudays at 11am for Vinyasa Flow.