We are so delighted to have a range of new classes and some incredible new teachers on the Kula timetable in 2018. Claire is our new Yoga Technique teacher. Yoga Technique is a new class aimed at beginners and those new to yoga. Join Claire every Thursday at 8pm.

We caught up with Claire over a cup of tea to find out a bit more about her background in yoga and her brand new Kula class.

Hi Claire, we are so excited to include Yoga Technique to the timetable, who is this class aimed at?

The class is aimed at beginners and students who are new to yoga. It’s also great for students looking for a gentler, slower paced class or anyone looking to geek out a bit on the techniques associated with yoga!

Why do you enjoy teaching beginner and new students?

There’s something really lovely about watching those who are new to yoga either simply fall in love with the practice or start to realise the benefits of a regular yoga practice. For beginners and new students, the benefits are clearly visible to you as a teacher. One of my favourite aspects is the peace and stillness when everyone comes out of their relaxation at the end of class.

What is the idea behind the Yoga Technique class

The idea behind the class was 3-fold. We wanted to provide a class that gave our students the opportunity to build on what they’d learned in their beginners’ courses. We also wanted to offer a class that would be suitable for those, who for whatever reason might not be able to attend our 6-week beginners’ courses. And finally, we wanted to provide a class that would go deeper into the key elements of the yoga practice and enables students to create good habits that they could then take with them to any other class that they attend.

The content is structured like a course with a different theme each week which will run over 12 weeks. However, students have complete flexibility to attend when they wish. After the first 12 weeks, we will revisit each theme but in a new way using different poses or categories of poses to enable students to go back and learn a pose from a new perspective. This also means that students never miss a key theme. During the classes, we’ll cover everything from breath and the building blocks used to create a pose through to specific categories of poses such as backbends, restorative, pranayama and meditation. We’ll post the week’s class theme on our social media each week. Each week we’ll focus on a different element of the yoga practice and really spend some time understanding that element and the different techniques associated with it.

This is the first class of its kind on the Yoga Kula timetable and I am really excited to offer students a course format class. I like to describe my Yoga Technique class as a toolkit of techniques.

What are the benefits of students attending the class regularly?

The benefit of attending Yoga Technique regularly is that week by week students will develop a deep understanding of the key elements associated with the yoga practice. Through that knowledge and their weekly experience, they will start to increase in confidence and develop good habits which they can take into any other class they choose to do.

You did your yoga teacher training after more than 15 solid years of yoga practice, what helped you make the final decision to embark on teacher training?

The initial driver for me was to gain a more rounded knowledge and experience of yoga as a whole. I felt that my practice was a little one-dimensional and that there was so much more to learn. Therefore, whilst I was very strong in my asana practice I had much less knowledge and experience of meditation, yoga history and philosophy, and anatomy. In addition, because I was so passionate about yoga, friends and family would often ask me to show them some yoga and I felt I wasn’t qualified to do so! My teacher training delivered on every level and more. It was hard work but it was so worth it.

What’s your favourite yoga class to take as a student?

Ashtanga – without a doubt! I’ve practiced Ashtanga since about 2003. However, since doing my teacher training I’ve very much enjoyed attending Hatha classes too.

If you weren’t teaching Yoga Technique which other classes would you teach?

Ashtanga, obviously Hatha classes.

Join Claire every Thursday at 8pm for her Yoga Techniques class – the toolkit of techniques.

If you can’t make Claire’s class, why not try one of our popular Yoga for Beginners courses, they run Monday and Sunday (some Thursdays are also available) in a 6 week cycle.

We recommend Vinyasa Flow Level 1 as a beginner option course and our Hatha classes.

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