With a new class comes a new teacher – Amera Stanforth will be teaching our new Monday morning Ashtanga V Deep Yin class at 9am from 11th March. We took some time out to hear all about her plans, and to welcome Amera to the Yoga Kula teaching team.


Amera Stanforth

Welcome to the Yoga Kula team! We’re really excited to be working with you and can’t wait for your new Ashtanga V Deep Yin class. So that our students can get to know you, we have a few questions for you about your class, to give them a taste of what to expect.

Firstly, with your new class being the first class of the week on the Kula timetable, can you tell us about the benefits to starting your week with a yoga class such as this?

Starting your week with a class sets you up for the week ahead, building focus and motivation and boosting your energy levels. Reducing stress and becoming more mindful really helps to boost your mindset ready to start the week in the best way possible.

What level is this class aimed towards?

The class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience. Whilst not specifically aimed towards complete beginners, modifications and adaptions to postures will be offered where necessary.

Ashtanga and Yin are very different styles – how will the class be split between the two?

We’ll begin with grounding Yin postures to warm and prepare the mind and body before moving into the Ashtanga standing sequence. The aim for this section is to build heat, strength and a strong focus on the Ujjayi breath. The second part of the session will bring you into still, seated, long-held yin postures to release deep tightness in the body and free block energy. Softly focusing on the breath to build attention and awareness of the sensations in body and the mind. We will end with a deep and restorative relaxation.

The class is called Ashtanga V Deep Yin. Which is your favourite and why?

That’s a hard question – I love them both but for different reasons. I love the dynamic, rhythmic practice of Ashtanga to build heat and strength and feel like I’ve worked hard. However, I equally enjoy the quiet stillness of Yin, which always leaves me feeling more open and grounded, both in the body and mind.

If a student is unsure whether to give this class a go, what advice would you give them?

Come along! You’re more than welcome to take the class at your own pace, and rest is always encouraged if your body and mind need it. I’ll be on hand to offer modifications and adaptations for you so you have nothing to worry about.

How do you spend your time off the yoga mat?

Mainly you’ll find me with friends enjoying coffee and brunch after Yoga (my 2 favourite things to do!) I enjoy variety in life and particular love to travel and explore new places. Spending time with my friends and family is very important, but I also like to find some quiet time in my cosy home.

Your class overlaps the Kula ‘Move’ and ‘Rest categories, what is the importance of having a range of styles in your practice? Taking time to explore both dynamic and structured movement such as Ashtanga, and having the contrast with relaxing deep Yin?

I believe the key to life (and yoga!) is the discovery of an inner and outer balance. Both the Yang and Yin; being strong yet soft, energetic and relaxed, refined yet receptive. I think it’s important and healthy to move the body in different ways. It’s as equally important to take rest as well as movement.

Could you sum up your class in 3 words?

– Balanced, energising, grounded.

You’ve been part of Kula as both a student and a workshop teacher for quite a while and we’re so excited to welcome you to the timetable! What part of joining the Kula team are you most excited about?

Kula has been part of my yoga journey from the very beginning. The teachers and environment have been crucial in my growth as a yoga student and teacher. I feel so excited to be officially part of the team, although I’ve always felt one of the team as everyone is very welcoming and inclusive. I’m looking forward to being able to share my teaching with Kula’s lovely students on a weekly basis.


Join Amera for her new class every Monday from 11th March. This session is free* so a perfect opportunity to give it a go. Book your place via MindBody by clicking here.

*Daytime price of £8 // Drop-in applies from March 18th