Yoga Kula are excited to be celebrating International Yoga Day on the 21st June.

International Yoga day was first celebrated in 2015 with the aim to promote global health, harmony and peace. To celebrate we will be partnering with our good friends NEOM whose luxury organic products have therapeutic effect on your mind and body. The carefully selected essential oil blends aid sleep, relieve stress, boost energy, and they can help to lift your mood or calm and relax your mind. These products can be used effectively alongside a Yoga practice to emphasise the benefits of the practice. Our community will come together for a yoga class taught by SYT Angela Sykes which will start with energetic poses to create heat and start increasing the energy flow in the body. As we move and hold poses using the breath and technique you become aware of your prana or ‘energy’, especially as we pause to regulate the breath and reflect. The energy part of the practice will be supported by NEOM ENERGY oil. In order to find balance and quieten down the body and mind we move to some more relaxing practices followed by a deep relaxation with savasana and yoga nidra or ‘yogic sleep’. The experience of deep relaxation will be enhanced by using the NEOM SLEEP oil.

After the session will will enjoy tea and healthy snacks and have a chance to enjoy NEOM products, chat more about their benefits, the benefits of yoga and how aroma can enhance your practice.