We are delighted to welcome Aki Omori to the Yoga Kula Studio this Friday.

We caught up with Aki to find out more

What is your yoga background?

I have been working in yoga for over 30 years now and someone asked me to try a yoga class and nobody practised yoga back in those days so out of curiosity I said yes and that is how it started.

Later on, I became more interested in yoga in terms of the spiritual path. Then I got involved in-depth practice of pranayama meditation and asana practice. I used to do quite hardcore asana, Vinyasa style.

Which style of yoga do you teach?

I am a Yoga Teacher, focusing on Somatics. I am a Movement Therapist, Educator and an Early Trauma Therapist

What is Somatic yoga 

As the years went on my yoga practice expanded into a somatic approach which is seemingly gentler and a slower practice. It is much more mindful in certain ways. We still move, but it is more about experiencing yourself from within and then let the form arise. When we study experiential anatomy in a somatic way, it is more about experiencing inner body systems from within and what that feels like.

What can participants expect from the course?

The course will be a hands-on approach to Restorative yoga with a somatic approach. We will look at the books, and we study so we have an idea of what that might be inside but once we feel it we are informed from within and the form arises from there. For me, that is more connected to the nature of what we are as human beings, human animals and also being part of the universe. My interest theraputically is also about the mind, our relationship with each other, the relationship with the environment around. That is the somatic approach.

We will cover Restorative poses and practices in terms of the forms and the props, however, there is so much because we will be exploring what is underlying that practice. What really nourishes us and what makes us thrive. And also what can dampen our spirit and our body. We will explore experiencial anatomy of the nervous system from a development aspect

Aki Omori Integrated Restorative Immersion

Weekend 1 – August 2019
Friday 30th August 6.00pm- 9.30pm
Saturday 31st August 2.00pm-7.30pm
Sunday 1st September 11.00am – 4.00pm

Weekend 2 – September 2019
Friday 27th September 6.00pm- 9.30pm
Saturday 28th September 2.00pm-7.30pm
Sunday 29th September 11.00am – 4.00pm


Price £435

Only 20 spaces

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