Of the 5 most common senses we discuss, smell is the more underestimated.

Aromas have the power to relax, energise, ignite memories and even make you feel hungry; it is the most primitive of all our senses and it is linked to some of the oldest and deepest parts of the brain.

So how does aromatherapy work?

When we breath in the smells from essential oils, the molecules travel up our nose and make contact with Olfactory cells which are covered in miniscule hairs, each hair recognizes a specific aroma. From here nerve impulses communicate with the limbic system of the brain that controls emotions and retrieves learned memories.

Here are some great blends to aid the ups and downs of everyday living.

Calm the kids

For when it’s time to chill, but the children have other plans; If they’re over excited and need to wind down this blend is perfect. This blend is totally safe for use through pregnancy, labour and around babies from birth.

Mandarin – calms nerves / Comforts emotions /

Lavender – Anti-inflammatory for body and mind / Improves sleep / Alleviates headaches

Roman Chamomile – Balances emotions / Calming / Eases tention


From morning until night, there is always something to do or somewhere to go, and for those days were we need a little boost to help keep up going throughout the day, there is this energising blend.

 Black pepper – Eases aches and pains / Improve

Rosemary – Concentration / headaches / Memory

Pink Grapefruit – Cleansing and purifying / Reduce Fatigue / Support metabolism


We are a culture “on the go” and when we we physically slow down our heads don’t always come with us. This blend if great for relaxing body and mind, helping get the most of our down time.

 Lavender – Anti-inflammatory for body and mind / Improves sleep / Alleviates headaches

Bergamot – Uplifting / Eases anxiety / Relaxes muscles

Mandarin – Calms nerves / Comforts emotions

 Here at Yoga Kula we currently have Sweet Orange in the reception area diffuser and Lavender in the studio diffuser.

Diffusers are available to purchase in studio.