India by Angela Sykes

India by Angela SykesI had been studying yoga for a few years when I went to take my TTC in India 8 years ago now – wow time really does fly! I didn’t know what to expect and was a little apprehensive as we drove from Mumbai to the Ashram I would call home for the next five weeks. Looking out of the windows I saw so many amazing colours! The saris hanging out to dry, the landscape, the local markets filled with lush mangos – oh and lot’s of cows! In india cows are sacred and wander around everywhere often causing havoc by decided to stand in the middle of a busy road! Only in India! This became a phrase I would become very familiar with during my TTC and the year I then went back to study yoga and India by Angela Sykeslive in India. Arriving at the Ashram I was immediately struck by the open, friendly people and offered my very first chai – I sipped the chai and started chatting a little nervously to other people who were arriving for the TTC and those who had just completed it. Listening to the stories of those who had just finished I began to get really excited hoping too that my TTC would leave me with not just so much knowledge about Yoga but also so many amazing memories and friendships. I moved into my room and met my roomies who would turn out to be really great friends who I still keep in touch with today. I can still say to this day the 5 weeks I spent in India on my very first visit were the best 5 weeks of my life, sure there were ups and downs such as when it rained so much that all my clothes went mouldy and when I saw a cobra outside the library snaking towards
India by Angela Sykesme quite quickly! This was also the first time I got to meet and study with BKS Iyengar – yes the yoga master himself came to the Ashram and gave us yoga lectures, I was even in a ‘yoga show’ for Mr. Iyengar where I fed wet cloth into one of the the teachers mouths to demonstrate some cleansing techniques – again ONLY IN INDIA! By the end of my very first India trip I was filled with Yoga Knowledge, filled with friendship and a real desire to come back again and again! Since then I have lived in India for a year studying yoga and go back as often as I can to study. There is a magic in India which cannot be explained – you need to experience it for yourself!  Studying yoga in India somehow allows India by Angela Sykeswhat you already know to click into place, like some kind of yoga glue! You just start to understand things on a deeper level surrounded by yogi energy day in day out.

Yoga Kula will be visiting the Himalyas in September – come and join us to bring some ‘only In India’ magic into your life and your yoga practice. Like me to will want to keep going back for more!

Angela x