I love yoga and I love Yoga Kula

I love yoga and I love Yoga Kula. I regularly attend Yoga Flow and Hatha classes at Kula, and the occasional Ashtanga class if I’m feeling particularly energetic. When I heard that two of my favourite teachers, Helen (Ince) and Julia (Knight), were putting on a workshop together, I immediately booked it (despite the fact it was a 3 hour Ashtanga and Yin session). I had never done the whole of the Ashtanga primary series before and thought I may be taking on a little too much, but I certainly needn’t have worried. It was a great morning and I left feeling both chilled and invigorated. I tried asanas which I’d never tried before, crashed and burned several times, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Helen and Julia were brilliant together and they created a lovely warm, supportive and fun atmosphere in which I felt safe and able to just let go. I hope they do another one together – soon!


Ashtanga and Yin Workshop – Sunday 28th April 11am – 2pm