What happens when the shoes don’t fit anymore – How to lead from the heart and follow your gut instincts…

I was born with a strong sense of knowing what felt instinctively right or wrong.

And I do believe that we are all born with an innate ability to intuitively discern what is in our best interests and are naturally more emotionally intelligent. The human race actually depends on our inner wisdom – to create, to nurture, to bloom, teach and lead…

You only need to think about Mother Nature to see how she breeds and breathes life into the planet. To create life is surely the biggest form of self- expression that there is.

In business, I’ve always followed my instincts when it came to making big decisions, especially when it came to risk taking or working against values upheld by the ‘Status Quo.’

Yet despite this, it’s taken me years to learn to fully trust my intuition, especially when it’s throwing out some particularity crazy ideas that make little sense to my logical brain.

I launched ICONIC brands like GHD and repositioned others like St. Tropez, creating brands that the public fell in love with, and my most brilliant work was created from a core feeling inside my gut. I knew instinctively what needed to happen and no book, degree or formal training could have shown me the way.

Campaigns came out of nowhere. A spark of an idea, a feeling, being in the right place at the right time, saying ‘no’ to something to create space for a more profound ‘yes.’

My best plans were founded from no plans, they came from a deeper, wiser place that knew nothing of an excel spreadsheet or critical path! At times it felt a little like skiing off piste and yes, I made some mistakes along the way, experienced steep learning curves and succeeded in building million dollar brands!

As a ‘Personal Brand Building’ expert and founder of ‘House of Coaching Limited’, I now train others to channel their true inner leaders. Leading more from a heart inspired place and connecting to their authentic selves and the wisdom that lies within. Working on the premise that; “everything we need to know is already inside us.”

“Well if it was that easy wouldn’t we all do it,” I hear you cry? The truth is we all have the ability to lead from our hearts and follow our gut instinct, but it takes training, and confidence to live this way – breaking down your own self limiting beliefs is key to success, and it can be messy work at times. Lots of tears, snot, shouting and fully having all your emotions are all par the course and are proof that big changes are a foot. Isn’t that what being human is really all about?

Self development is definitely not for the ‘faint hearted,’ but the rewards are great and just imagine what could be created if you allowed yourself to step into a bigger pair of shoes…

How to tune into your heart and lead from your gut:

  1. Listen to your inner voice and not those of your peers.
  2. Ask yourself what really matters? What is important in your life/the currentsituation etc?
  3. Give up the story (moaning/gossiping/victimization etc) and start livingyour life in a way that will give you peak experiences.
  4. Use your voice to express your wants and needs (spend as much timepreening the inside, as the outward image and you will be off to a goodstart).
  5. Tune into the guidance of your heart and trust that it will not lead youastray.

Our creative juices are formed in our gut and it’s time to claim our natural wisdom, celebrating what we offer to the world as female leaders. Will you join me?

Karen Heras-Kelly is a Co-Active Professional Certified Coach and the Founder of House of Coaching. Contact her at Karen.heras-kelly@houseofcoaching.co.uk  for further information.