Hot Yoga Standing Posture Workshop

with Helena Byles

Sunday 14th September
10am – 12pm
£17.50 drop in or £15 pre-book

Hot Yoga Standing Posture WorkshopCome and explore the standing postures of the hot yoga sequence to deepen your practice.
Learn about and apply correct alignment to your practice, to support your body.
Suitable for beginners and more regular students, we can all learn a lot by going back to the foundations of alignment and strength, whether to start a practice or deepen one.

About Helena

Helena BylesHelena discovered a passion for yoga back in 2010 after following a friend’s advice to try a Bikram class. Being a lover of intensive and endurance sports like long distance running and cycling yoga had never seemed like something that would be enjoyable – what a mistake! From the first class she was hooked.

From the start Helena was certain she wanted to teach, to share her love of hot yoga with other gym bunnies, athletes and people who think yoga is not for them. As a Sports and Clinical massage therapist she found she was forever referring people to yoga classes, so in October 2012 she travelled to Thailand to train at the Absolute Hot Yoga centre and here she is now as part of the Yoga Kula team.

Helena’s intention is to make yoga accessible to all – it is never too late to start your yoga journey! Helena is Yoga Kula’s resident Hot Yoga expert and sports and fitness lover – she teaches all of the hot yoga sessions.