This is a fun and flowing Vinyasa class taught in a heated 30-33 degree room, using Yoga Kula’s Infrared heating panels. This way the room is hot enough to work up a sweat, but is not so hot that it’s uncomfortable to flow between postures. The heat will allow your muscles to lengthen, while you flow through an ever-changing sequence of poses in rhythm with your breath. The teacher will modify each class to the needs of the student and this way bring variation and playfulness to each class.

Level 2 Hot Vinyasa Flow Class

This class is for practitioners with a regular yoga practice. In this class there will be more possibilities to up level postures.

  • Build strength and gain flexibility.
  • Learn the art of mediation in movement to cultivate a calm, steady mind.
  • Learn to breath whilst moving to boost energy levels and fuel the practice.
  • Tone muscles so they look and feel healthier.
  • Improve posture and reduce aches and pains.
  • Feel and look younger.
  • Improve performance in all other sporting activities.