My purpose is to help female leaders connect with their body wisdom so they can move from a place of inner intuitive knowing

As I walked slowly around a beautiful garden, feeling the cool, crisp mountain air on my skin, my energy dropped into my heart and I heard a voice calling my name, she spoke softly and clearly, and she told me my medicine name was, “fire flower.”

I blinked and nodded my head, as she took me by the hand and told me of the power of the universal life force that lives inside me. She told me she was an Amazonian Queen whose purpose was to guide me towards living a life oozing with purpose and value, and that I was born to awaken others to the healthy divine masculine, and feminine energies that live inside them.

She urged me to let go of my past and take off my masks of self-protection & fear, so that I could create heart-to-heart connections that would open up space for others to heal, and begin a new.

She reminded me that now is the time to strike, sending arrows of love and hope into the world, and that all I need to do is take it one step at a time, living fully, connecting to my inner fire and compass, and not thinking too far ahead. She told me to surrender my need to know and to stand-up straight, so that my backbone and core where connected to the tunnel of light that was working its way through my body, mind and spirit.

My dreams and visions for this world are coming quick and fast, and my spirit is flying ahead and yet my body requires time to process, and discern what’s needed now. I am becoming skilled at living a life full of paradoxes – I am both burning fire that is sourced by flames of passion and gentle flower, growing slowly and surely, sprouting new seeds, resting during dark days and trusting that come in no time at all, I will spring forward with beauty, grace and elegance.

If like me, you want to change the world by planting more seeds of love, peace and connection, the time has come for you to start tuning into the Goddess within.

It’s time to stop disempowering yourself, making excuses, being distracted or doing the things that make you feel dead inside. We are not here by chance and the time for waiting is over, the world needs you to make a stand and be counted.

Writing as a woman for other women, I have important news for you. I believe that the gateway to positive change is through the gifts of the union between the healthy divine feminine and masculine energies, and by connecting to your true power, you can not only change your own life, but also have a massive impact on the lives of others, and the planet.

My purpose is to help female leaders connect with their body wisdom so they can move from a place of inner intuitive knowing. For them to feel into the calling of the heart, the stirring of the gut and the wisdom of their own inner intelligence, and from there to take the next, best action no matter how illogical it may at first seem to the rationale brain.

As a woman who has learned to trust her intuitive powers, I see that this is a gift that is bestowed upon me and it is my duty to listen and act. I know that when I choose to ignore my intuitive gifts, I can easily become lost at sea, stranded on some bobbing boat without a paddle or an idea of how to get home, that’s when it becomes really dangerous.

And so, I want women like you to trust the ancient promptings of the divine life-force energy that is alive in you today. Can you feel it? Can you hear it whispering your name as it calls you forth in some way?

I have a dream that more women will say with clear and intentional voices, ‘hey, that’s enough, this is not working, it’s time for change, trust me and follow me.’ I want women to put their whole body, energy and commitment behind their words, for them to slap the table and say, ‘get over yourself, this is not a game of egos, we are here to care for and nurture each other while we work, and live together in this world.’

For me the environments we work and live in are metaphors for how we view the world we live in, are we supportive, open, generous, compassionate or are we power playing, defensive, closed and believing we are alone and lacking in some way? What ever, you’re believing about you, trust me, it will spread like wildfire, so choose the type of impact you want to have in your world wisely.

So if your beliefs are driving you into self-judgment, inner and external hyper-criticisms born from some belief that you have to be perfect, a success, lovable and so on, it’s time to quit these habits.

It’s time to take off the masks. I believe it’s time for more women to remove their metaphorical pinstripe suits and take down their guards. You do not need to be somebody else to succeed, you were born into this world to quite simply, “be all of you.”

The good news is that there is a wave of change that is present in our world, you may not see it reported very often on the news, but it’s out there. There is an invisible and magical energy that is present in you and in all living things, and it’s available to all of us should we choose to take the time to connect. With practice and help, we can all transcend from the lower self into a higher spiritual domain and when we come together in tribes, we can move mountains.

Will you let your body lead you home to the real you, so that you can step into your full magnificence? Will you claim the wild woman within and create a life that is full of juice?

Will you connect to the wild streak that runs through your body from the roots of your hair to the drumbeat of your heart, all the while maintaining a deep and soulful connection to the earth?

If you would like to connect to the Goddess inside you, come along to my Goddess Power workshop at Yoga Kula, Leeds on Sunday 17th July 2016, 11am-3pm

As your guide, I will teach you how to unlock your taboos and old habitual patterns, so that you can create from the source that lies within you. Break free of your own shackles and learn hot, and juicy techniques designed to connect you to the flames of passion that live within you.

The impact of this is you create a more powerful, respectful and loving relationship with you and those around you.

Find your MOJO. Feel evoked and alive. POP with aliveness. Blow your own mind. Enjoy your female power.

To book on to the Goddess Power Workshop at Yoga Kula please click here.