My Classes

Yoga has always been a place I feel joyfully strong and whole. I encourage students to embrace the opportunity to be fully present, to feel each moment in its entirety and seek stillness within.
Combining a background in dance and fitness, with a passion for philosophy and mysticism, the core of my teaching seeks the true integration of body and mind. I believe practising as a group allows us to recognise our essential connectedness, as we heal and transform together.
In my classes alignment is key – always recognising the individuality of our anatomies. I teach from the principles of truth and kindness.

My Yoga Journey 

I began practising as a teenager, from a crumbling paperback. For me, it repaired the mental and physical damage done by ballet training. I maintained self-practice during several years academic teaching.
When later I began teaching fitness – especially Les Mills Body Balance, a ‘new generation yoga practice’ – I knew yoga was my destination.

My Credentials 

My 200hr Ashtanga Teacher Training with Jamie Blowers provided a powerful focus on alignment within dynamic movement. My 50hr Yin Teacher Training with the renowned Bernie Clark added balance, exploring the transformative power of stillness.
I am committed to lifelong further study and training, to continually develop and deepen my understanding.
I teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga.

3 words to describe Rebecca’s classes;