Welcome to June at Yoga Kula! We have lots of new and exciting activities to share with you this month, ranging from a new way to start your Friday, to refreshed classes and workshops.

Firstly, we welcome back Clare Kerrigan who has been traveling in India throughout April. Clare returns on Friday, June 7th, bringing two brand new classes to the Kula timetable.

FRIDAY  7:15am-8am  // Soothing Flow + Meditation

(Replaces Wake-up Hatha)

Clare Kerrigan - New ClassesA perfect way to soothe you into a new day. A well-rounded and soulfully soothing morning yoga session. Includes soothing sequences to slowly wake up the body/mind, breath work to refresh and harness energy or ‘prana’ and meditation using mudra to steady the inner world and connect deeply with our energies for the day ahead. Leave feeling relaxed, calm yet energised. If you don’t need to rush off enjoy a meditative cup of tea in our reception before heading off to start your day.

To launch this session, the first class on 7th June is FREE.

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Friday  11:30am-12:30pm  // Hatha + Nidra

(Replaces Hatha)

Hatha Yoga is a chance to work with individual postures and work at a slower pace.
You will be expertly guided through a selection of asana (postures), focusing on alignment and the benefits of the postures. You will be encouraged to focus on the breath throughout the session and through this direction may arrive at a place of awareness and begin to experience yoga as a mediation. Hatha classes at Yoga Kula include time dedicated to pranayama (breathing) practices which help to improve mental clarity and wellbeing.

In this Hatha session, there is time and space to enjoy a deeply restful Yoga Nidra or ‘Yogic Sleep’. It is said that Yoga Nidra can remove mental stress and physical tiredness – a real tonic for our busy, modern lives. This class is perfect for those newer to yoga as well as those wanting to refine an existing practice and those wanting to start a meditation practice. Yoga Nidra provides the perfect pathway into meditation by releasing mental and physical tension.

To launch this session, the first class on 7th June is FREE. Click here to book your space


June also sees the launch of two new classes with Susi Wick, starting with F L O W + FL Y on June 6th. 

Thursday  9am-10am // Flow + Fly

(Replaces Rocket)

Susi Wick

A playful fusion of dynamic, strong Vinyasa Flow and fun, playful arm balances, inversions and Acro Yoga moves. This class leaves plenty of room for PLAY and is set to music which uplifts the soul. Come along to try new things, step out of your comport zone, strengthen body and mind and nourish the soul.

This class is open to those with some yoga experience.

Come along to FLOW, FLY + PLAY!


To launch this session, the first class on 6th June is FREE. Click here to book your space


Thursday  8-9:15pm // Vinyasa Flow

(Replaces Slow Flow + Yin, which will move to a new time slot)

Susi also brings some fire to your Thursday evenings with an All Levels Vinyasa Flow class.

Vinyasa flow is a dynamic, creative style of yoga in which the asana (postures) are linked together and synchronised with a yogic breath.

When we begin to move through a physical flow with the breath our inner energies begin to flow more freely through the body leaving us fell energised and full of life! The sessions are often set to music allowing participants to experience an awakening of inner flow encouraged by the rhythm of both breath and sound.

This style is rooted in Ashtanga so often includes an Ashtanga style ‘Vinyasa’ to link sequence sides – unlike Ashtanga participants will enjoy and experience a creative mixture of postures and sequencing rather than it being set. Sessions typically begin with a mediation, warm up and an opportunity to connect with the breath. Sessions end with a cool down and and time built in to rest deeply.

Mantra, meditation techniques and pranayama (breathing techniques designed to boost vitality) are generally weaved into the sessions.

To launch this session, the first class on 13th June is FREE. Click here to book your space


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