free // yoga 

We are so excited to re-open the studio after the Christmas break and welcome 2018 with open arms. To celebrate this fresh start we are offering free yoga in the first week of January.

We hope you enjoyed Yoga Kula being part of your yoga journey in 2017, we loved having you and look forward to your yoga practice developing, deepening and flourishing in this brand new year ahead.

We have a very exciting 2018 in front of us, with new classes, exciting retreats, brand new courses, our popular beginner courses and incredible workshops. We will continue to deliver spontaneous pop-up classes, where you will be able to use your class pass or pay a drop in price. So why not join us in the first week of January, drink some tea, chat to like-minded people and attend some of our free yoga classes.

new // classes

To celebrate 2018 we have added two new brilliant classes to our diverse timetable. In the first week of January, these classes will be free to everyone who would like to try them. Please note booking is essential, so please book via mind body to secure your place.

Rocket Yoga  – Wednesday 3rd January, 11:30am-12:30pm (this class replaces Forrest Inspired Yoga) BOOK NOW

Yoga Technique – Thursday 4th January 8pm-9:15pm (this class replaces Dynamic Hatha) BOOK NOW

What is Rocket Yoga?

Rocket yoga is devised from a range of dynamic yoga postures from the Ashtanga sequences. It is traditionally practiced at a faster pace than the majority of other yoga styles, therefore you can expect to work harder which will create an internal warmth that will help improve your flexibility. Rocket yoga allows you to delve deeper into some more advanced yoga poses and will provide you with a total body workout.

If you can’t make this free Rocket Yoga class or any subsequent Rocket classes. Helen will be running some regular Rocket & Restore workshops on a monthly basis. The first Rocket & Restore workshop takes place on Friday 5th February at 7pm-9pm.

What is Yoga Technique?

Yoga Technique is a class we have been hoping to add to the Kula timetable for some time. Our Beginner Yoga Courses are hugely successful and offer students the chance to begin classes with a solid knowledge of yoga and a new found confidence.

Our Yoga Technique Level 1 class, taught by Claire Dambawinna provides the beginner and improver students an opportunity to build on the technique learned in their beginners’ courses, to refine their understanding of the different elements of yoga and to begin to expand their practice. Each week the class will revisit a particular aspect of the yoga practice and explore the technique associated with it, from breath and how it supports our whole practice; the building blocks of poses including foundation and stability and extension, to the importance of correct alignment with focus on different parts of the body or key groups of poses.

Every class will be part of a wider group of classes working on a particular theme over a number of weeks. However, each class will include an individual learning outcome allowing students the flexibility to attend when they wish.

This class is perfect for those students who cannot get to a Beginners course, those students who haven’t practiced for years and want to start at the beginning and those who simply want to refine their understanding and break everything down to truly understand each element of the yoga practice. Claire has carefully crafted each week so you will know what to expect before you arrive at the studio. This class will reward you with a weekly learning experience should you manage to attend each week.


To continue the theme of free yoga in January we are hosting our next taster day; begin. Begin is an opportunity for those students new to yoga to come to the studio and sample some free classes. It is also a time for our regular students to try a different style of yoga that they haven’t tried before. Please spread the word. Booking is essential and space is limited.