Free New Yoga Classes in 2017

We are so excited to launch our brand new classes in January 2017. To celebrate this we are offering three of our new classes completely free in the first week of January. Be sure to book now to avoid disappointment.

FREE CLASSES – available to book online now

Forrest Inspired Yoga – Level 2: Wednesday 4th January at 11:30am

This class is inspired by Forrest Yoga, a modern style of Yoga founded by internationally recognised yoga teacher Ana Forrest. The class focuses on the Forrest Yoga principals of breath, strength, integrity and spirit using Forrest Yoga postures put together in a flowing sequence.

Hot Vinyasa Flow – All Levels: Wednesday 4th January at 8pm

This is a fun and flowing Vinyasa class taught in a heated 30-33 degree room, using Yoga Kula’s Infrared heating panels. This way the room is hot enough to work up a sweat, but not so hot that it’s uncomfortable to flow between postures. The heat will allow your muscles to lengthen, while you flow through an ever-changing sequence of poses in rhythm with your breath. The teacher will modify each class to the needs of the student and this way bring variation and playfulness to each class. Perfect for those chilly winter months. 

Warm Vinyasa Flow – All Levels: Friday 6th January at 1:45pm

Warm vinyasa flow is a creative style of yoga practised in a gently heated warm room. The room is heated to approximately 26 degrees. In this style of yoga the postures flow together and are synchronised with the breath.This cultivates a calm and steady mind as the mind’s attention is focused on the mind and the breath. It also allows students to experience a dynamic, flowing practice. The class is set to music with playlists to encourage flow, synchronising breath and movement with the rhythm of the music.

The room will be warm, gently heated with the latest infrared heating technology suitable for students who want to experience some warmth but not the intensity of a hot yoga class.


To see a list of all of our new classes and class changes for 2017 please click here. Please note, the classes will not be visible and bookable on Mind Body until  Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Don’t forget to check out our 2017 workshops, courses and retreats and plan for a healthy and happy 2017.

If you would like any additional details on our new classes please get in touch.