Flow for Justice // Black Lives Matter

Dear Kulis,

This has been a tough and painful few days. As a British woman of colour, it has been my privilege to lead the Yoga Kula community for 8 amazing years and my plan is to continue to do so with energy, passion and an intention to share the teachings of yoga as far and wide as possible.

At Yoga Kula we are here to serve our community which is built on truth, non-violence and compassion. This week we have all been shocked and shaken by what is taking place in the US and have all been tasked to listen to the stories of black Americans, educate ourselves and challenge racism both within ourselves and in our daily lives.

Never be afraid to speak up

We should never be afraid to speak up against racism, never look down, look away or change the subject, because if we do, we become part of the problems we are seeing unfolding in front of our horrified eyes.

The death of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 that has sent shock waves around the globe and has woken many many people up to the hostility and violence faced by black Americans on a daily basis from the slave ships to right now in this very moment – an unbroken and ongoing line of brutality, violence, intimidation and horror.

We don’t have answers but we must do something and stand up for what is right. At Yoga Kula we stand alongside all of those who are marginalised and disadvantaged in any society simply because of the colour of their skin and we all commit to challenging racism in ourselves and others but we want to do more.

We invite you – our Kulis – to stand with us because Black Lives Matter. Join us on International Yoga Day as we aim to raise £1500.00 for Black Lives Matter. To do this we need 100 people practising with us in the charity class. Please forward this mailer as widely as you can. We cannot be on the front line with our black brothers and sisters on the streets in the US but we can empower organisations which fight for the rights of black Americans. Will you stand with us?


Sunday 21st June 9:00am – 10:00am
Flow for Justice with Angela Sykes


If you want to donate more please buy more than one space or click here to donate an extra £5 or more.

Angela x