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Slow down, create space and increase the connection between body and breath. We all breathe but do we breathe deeply and fully?
Do we breathe with attention and awareness?
We all move but do we move with attention and awareness?
Do we find pleasure in our movement?
Do we meditate as we move? Flow + Breathe is a meditative movement class that explores asanas with a focus on self awareness and introspection. During the class we’ll finesse pranayama and meditation techniques to ground, balance or wake-up and warm; take time to listen to the heart where vital breath begins, whilst expanding, moving and tuning into how the body functions through breath-work, helping you to energise, focus, find deep peace and release from external distractions. Creating a focus on your own energy and moving into slow flowing yoga that explores transitions and movement between poses, flowing with strength and ease, ending in deep relaxation to release and soften the body and soft tissues.Each week will be themed to ensure we deepen our yoga roots and ensure or bodies move in new and creative ways. Leave feeling energised, refreshed and calm; ready for the day ahead.

  • Build strength and gain flexibility
  • Learn to breathe whilst moving, to boost energy levels and fuel the practice
  • Aid relaxation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve energy levels
  • Finesse pranayama and asana techniques
  • Improve focus
  • Improve self awareness
  • Start your day in a grounded and relaxed state of mind.