Merry Christmas from Yoga Kula! We have gifts a-plenty for you this year, from international guest teachers delivering bespoke sessions, to handmade candles and organic gifting from the Yoga Kula Hub! While our regular timetable takes a break over the festive period, we have an exciting array of pop ups and workshops to keep your yogic fire ignited and your body nourished over the holiday season.

I M P O R T A N T    D A T E S

The Yoga Kula studio will close for our regularly timetabled classes on Friday 20th December, with the final class being Hot Yoga at 5:45pm.

The studio will reopen on Thursday 2nd January, with the first class of 2020 being our 9am Vinyasa Flow class.

Friday 20th December  – 7:15 – 8:30pm

Pop Up // Nourish Your Soul with Rebecca RichmondNourish Your Soul

£10.50 drop in, or use your Anytime Class Pass.

Join London based Teacher and Candle Curator Rebecca Richmond for a special pop-up session with the intention of leaving you feeling balanced, centered and deeply nourished.

Deeply soften, relax and nourish the senses as we flow through a sequence that keeps us close to the earth, embracing the energy that continuously moves through us. Restorative postures close the session to unwind the body, release deep-rooted tensions and relax the mind – inviting us to fully let go.

The evening’s practice will be supported with the essence of Rebecca’s Nourish Candle which she developed as a wellbeing aid to help cultivate mental clarity and peace of mind through the powerful sense of smell. The Nourish candle is a fresh start for the body and mind helping to clear our energy and the energy of the space around us.

This class will help you come home to yourself, nourishing from the inside out with a newfound rejuvenation and balance within.

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We are pleased to welcome back International Yoga Teacher, Sanskrit Scholar and Kirtan expert James Boag for an inspirational workshop and Kirtan just before Christmas at the Winter Solstice.

Saturday 21st December – 10:30-1pm

Workshop // A Dog is for Life with James Boag A Dog is for Life


A dog is for life …and so is your body, and your yoga practice! The best practices are the ones that we actually keep doing, because they work, because we love them, and because they are sustainable. The ones we return back to throughout our lives.

James’ unique yogic movement ‘playshops’ apply yoga principles to broad-spectrum movement, exploring how we can cultivate healthy neuro-muscular patterns and efficient kinetic chains through the body. In the context of a fun, flowing, explorational class, we will deepen our understanding of how we can work to keep inviting joy and deepening balance and integration, through all the stages and seasons of life.

This session is the perfect preparation for the Christmas period, priming you with accessible but powerful ways to move and harmonise energy. You will leave the session full of inspiration and embodied knowledge to take back to your regular classes and into the new year.

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Saturday 21st December – 2:30-4pm

Pop Up // Kirtan // The Power of Sound with James BoagKirtan and the power of sound

£10.50 drop in, or use your Anytime Class Pass.

The yoga tradition offers a myriad of tools we can work with, to cultivate integration and recover our innate capacities for deep presence and sustainable wellbeing. These include many sound-based techniques and practices. The extraordinary visionaries and research scientists of the ancient yoga tradition recognised the pervasive, penetrative power of sound and how the readily accessible resources of our own voices can be harnessed to foster harmony through the whole of our being.

The call and response singing and chanting of kirtan, is simple, yet powerful, cleansing and uplifting. James may also speak briefly about kirtan, Sanskrit as an energy-based language, the symbolism and effects of the words we use in the practice, and how kirtan relates to other practices and paths of yoga.

Everyone welcome! Do not worry if you are not a virtuoso singer. The joy and practical benefits of yoga are open to everyone.

Kirtan reaches the parts that other techniques are not always able to! This session will be a great way to wash away what we no longer need at the end of the year and invite clear, balanced energy for the season to come.
Don’t miss this chance to bathe in the healing power of sound and charge your cells with positive energy! James has hosted his unique, transformational Kirtan all over the world including Mysore, India.

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Saturday 21st December – 5:30-6:45pm

Pop Up // Vinyasa Glow with Ella Young Warm Vinyasa Flow October

£10.50 drop in, or use your Anytime Class Pass.

Join Ella Young in this warm vinyasa flow class and build a glow from the inside out. The warmth from the studio’s infrared heating technology will help the body to detoxify while releasing muscle tension. Skin collagen will be boosted leaving you with a new brightness that radiates from within.

Flow through poses synchronizing movement with breath. Discover full-body expansion as you flow and glide through the surrounding space.

We will take breath-centered movement alongside music, connecting to the energy available when practicing in a group. Together we’ll flow, soften and glow.

The class will end with a hydrating facial mist to soothe, nourish and tone the skin.

The temperature will be lower than in our hot classes and the movement easeful for a heartwarming experience that envelopes your body and mind into a blissful Saturday evening.

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Saturday 21st December – 7-8:15pm

Pop Up // Rest + Restore with Ella YoungRest Restore October

£10.50 drop in, or use your Anytime Class Pass.

Rest is one of the most nourishing habits we can indulge in. By slowing down the mind, body and, in turn, the breath, we allow ourselves to find a natural balance.

Join Ella Young for a Restorative Yoga Pop-Up that will provide the perfect remedy for both stress and anxiety, as well as a great alternative to a Saturday night out.

During class Ella will lead you into supported postures of complete comfort where every layer of your being can surrender to a greater force; and as you bathe in the present moment, your concerns over the past or worries about the future will simply melt away, allowing you to revel in the beauty of stillness.

With each pose tailored to your specific needs, the more props the better, be prepared to enjoy a Saturday evening of total bliss.

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Sunday 22nd December – 10-11:30am

Ashtanga RestorativePop Up // Ashtanga  + Restorative with Claire Dambawinna 

£10.50 drop in, or use your Anytime Class Pass.

The class will begin with breath and chanting to calm, focus and centre mind and body. Claire will offer an energising blend of essential oils as you rest.

Move through an Ashtanga-inspired sequence encouraging a slow-flowing, breath-led practice. Including poses from the primary and second series, the sequence will focus on twists to gently energise and backbends to reinvigorate and lift the spirits.

To seal the practice the class will end with restorative poses and a relaxing blend of essential oils will be offered to find deep rest and stillness.

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Sunday 22nd December – 12-2pm

Workshop // Yogic Exploration // The Vagus Nerve with Julia Knight Vagus Nerve


Join Julia for exploration and discovery of the profound effects of deep vagus nerve toning. Enhanced vagus nerve tone opens a doorway to deep relaxation, vitality and longevity.

In the modern world we are exposed to chronic stress and constant mental stimulation which leads to low vagal tone which diminishes our ability to switch easefully into our rest digest systems from fight, flight and freeze.

Digestive health and deep rest are crucial for our immune, cardiac and hormonal systems optimal function. Our ability to self soothe anxiety, and relax when we choose is a skill that can enormously benefit our health, wellbeing and spiritual life.

This workshop includes a bespoke range of yogic practices, developed to tone the vegas nerve to improve overall well-being, vitality and inner happiness.


  • Hatha posture work
  • Yin yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Partner work
  • Pranayama (breath practices)
  • Meditation
  • A handout to reinforce learning
  • Refreshments


  • Knowledge empowerment
  • Eases insomnia
  • Combats chronic stress
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Reduces tension
  • Softens tight muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Boosts immune system
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Friday 27th December – 10-11:15pm

Pop Up // Rocket +  Restore with Helen Ince Rocket & Restore Workshops

£10.50 drop in, or use your Anytime Class Pass.

Combining the dynamic and energetic Rocket practice with a beautiful deep relaxation and guided meditation.

Rooted in the Ashtanga system, Rocket is a strong, speedy sequence that combines elements of the primary, second and advanced series to create an uplifting, fun and challenging practice that will raise your heartrate, building stamina, strength and flexibility. There will be time to play with arm balances and inversions with lots of modifications and alternatives to help support you at whatever stage you are at on your yoga journey.

The session will end with a sequence of restorative poses and a rotation of consciousness; a guided meditation where we take our attention to each part of the body that has worked really hard in our practice and allow it to relax deeply, moving you into complete rest.

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Friday 27th December – 12-2pm

Workshop // Holiday Hatha with Helen Ince Holiday Hatha


A sumptuous, slow and soothing practice designed to provide us with a still point; a place where we become present and cared for. The perfect tonic to the chaos of Christmas.

We begin with a soothing Hatha Flow to warm the body and connect with the breath before moving through a range of grounding postures, spending time rooting down into the earth.

Towards the end of the session, enjoy a sequence of restorative postures, each designed to cultivate deep relaxation. Props hold and support the body to invite a true sense of release allowing the parasympathetic nervous system – our ‘rest and digest’ state – to be stimulated.

We finish the practice with Yoga Nidra; a guided meditation that includes a rotation of consciousness to encourage the body and mind to easefully slow down, recuperate and restore.

There will be chance to enjoy refreshments at the end of our practice so you can enjoy a few extra moments of me time before stepping back into the world feeling rested, restored and rejuvenated.


  • Hatha Yoga
  • Grounding Postures
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation
  • Refreshments


  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Taps into our parasympathetic (rest + digest) nervous system
  • Reduces Physical Tension
  • Focuses the Mind
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Friday 27th December – 7:30-9:30pm

Workshop // Deep Soma with Amera StanforthDeep Soma


The Sanskrit word, Soma means, “moon”. It is also the name of the Hindu moon god who is known for kindness and gentleness. Soma also describes a nectar that flows within each of us. This nectar needs to be replenished regularly with nourishing and relaxing activities. When Soma runs low we move towards ‘burn out’.

As the nights begin to draw in this is the natural time for us to replenish Soma. This deeply relaxing and nourishing workshop offers the opportunity to slow down and find a sense of inner calm.

The session closes with a soothing neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension and a deeply restful Yoga Nidra meditation or ‘Yogic Sleep’. Beginning with setting a personal intention you will then be guided through a relaxation technique to expand your awareness and encourage stillness and calm.

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Saturday 28th December – 7:30-9:30pm

Workshop // Slow Flow Ashtanga + Pranayama with Julia Knight Slow Flow Ashtanga


Release any winter holiday tension through slow, mindful yet deeply energizing movement, synchronising with the breath. As we move harnessing energy flow in a calm and centered way. Take time for a nourishing; extended Savasana with an optional warming oil mini neck/shoulder massage and finish with sound and pranayama (breathing) techniques to penetrate into our meditation mind.

This workshop brings much needed time out from the festivities and indulgences of the season, a route to cultivate harmony and balance to bring a more energetic start to the New Year.

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Sunday 29th December – 10-11:15am

Pop Up // Align your Hot Asana with Anna HardyAlign Your Hot - Festive

£10.50 drop in, or use your Anytime Class Pass.

Join Anna in this special pop-up to sweat and perfect your yoga technique in a heated 30-33 degree room, using Yoga Kula’s Infrared heating panels. Align and refine your practice in a dynamic, fun and lighthearted class enveloped in soundscape beats to calm the busy mind. Stretch further, work the body and deepen your learning. Expect to leave the studio floating on air.

The class builds from slow connecting movements and breath to heat building asanas while exploring alignment techniques, noticing how the sensations change in the body when moving with intent and technique. We cool down with deep and nourishing stretches before ending the class with a restoring relaxation.

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Monday 30th December – 10-11:15am

Pop Up // Ashtanga V Deep Yin with Amera Stanforth Ashtanga V Deep Yin

£10.50 drop in, or use your Anytime Class Pass.

People often believe that a challenging yoga practice is the one which is the most dynamic when it can often be the stillness which is our greatest challenge.
Ashtanga V Deep Yin offers both dynamic movement and deep stillness – which is your nemesis?


We begin close to the earth to take stock of our energies, arrive, ground and breathe. From here after gently warming up and preparing the body and mind we move into the standing section of the Ashtanga Primary Series where we can build heat, power and strength whilst maintaining a steady mind through a clear focus on ujjai pranayama.

Deep Yin

The second part of the session brings students into grounding stillness with long held yin poses designed to get into deep tightness in the body and free up blocked energy. The challenge with deep yin poses is to maintain a steady mind when feeling strong sensations, continue to breath and observe.

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Monday 30th December – 6-7:15pm

Pop Up // Flow + Breathe // Loving You with Miz DeShannonFlow + Breathe // Loving You

£10.50 drop in, or use your Anytime Class Pass.

Immerse yourself, in Your Self.

After the Winter Solstice and the last New Moon of the year, we’re celebrating the Moon Goddess and her guidance through hibernation and restoration. We’ll move, flow, breathe and release, balancing energy after the hectic time of Christmas, finding calm and healing inside our Self.

New Moons and new years mean new ideas . All possibilities are thrown onto the spiritual table. Put yourself at the forefront of new plans for the future, make a fresh start and write new goals, new ways to make progress.

Set intentions and meditate on them, rest in restorative bliss bathed in dimming midwinter light diving into that deep connection with your energy field, your spirit, your microcosmic orbit – embrace new vitality, welcoming the sun on its long journey back to the Earth, letting go of old habits and embracing invigorated beingness, the pure quality of your own existence.

Loving You.

Bring things to build our altar; holly, ivy, pine cones, pecans, oranges, bells, items representing what you’re letting go or bringing in, red to represent our root chakra: the grounding force that allows us to connect to the earth energies and empower our beings.

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We hope you enjoy the festive season, and we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We can’t wait to see you on the mat in 2020!

Love, the Yoga Kula team x