Feel the Love Partner Workshop on 15th February 2015

11.30am – 2pm 15th February 2015


All are welcome…bring a friend, partner or just come by yourself.

What you can expect:

  • Deep breathwork and meditation to connect and ground us in our bodies and into the stability of the earth
  • Heart opening yoga poses that encourage deep diaphragmatic breathing, opening up the ribcage and heartspace
  • Creativity and fun. We will be exploring new and more intuitive ways of moving, working with our bodies natural desire for movement, approaching poses from new perspectives working from the inside out to optimise space, movement and openness, yet still maintaining a deep inner strength
  • Exploring what it is to really let go of tension in the body to be able to receive from others in the form of simple partner poses and bodywork movements that will lead us even deeper into relaxation.
  • After all the practice and exploration we will finish with a long deep well deserved restorative relaxation with many bolsters and blankets, creating a cosy haven for rest.

Why you should come:

This workshop is based on practices Lara and I learnt in November 2014 from the amazing Angela Farmer on our week in Greece. Angela Farmer is an inspirational teacher who has for years been sharing her knowledge and expertise to a generation of yogis and yoginis that seek to discover fluidity and softness in their practice and a sense of the movement rising from within. Even the great Shiva Rea honoured the teachings that she had received from Angela Farmer and the influence that this has had on her own practice and teachings, when she spoke on a training course that I attended with her in September 2014.

Originally working with the late and great BKS Iyengar, Angela Farmer, now in her 70’s, found herself eventually moving away from traditional yoga and following a different path, one that she felt honoured her body and mind and it is this unique internalised feel to movement and being present that she shared with us while in Greece that we now want to share with you.

More about Angela Farmer and why her teaching is so brilliant…. even more reasons to come:

Having now met Angela Farmer for myself I can only say that I was blown away. Her way of teaching is as subtle and profound as the yoga practice that she teaches and I feel truly honoured and privileged to have received her teachings first hand. I spent a week in Greece with these practices and found myself totally transformed. The emotional impact of this shows in our leaving picture featured here (spot the not so subtle tears in my eyes) but the emotion was a result of how honoured and humbled I felt to have received the blessings of the week, so I will still treasure this picture as it captures a moment.

I don’t think I will ever be quite the same again. Even when I arrived home, the next morning I remember laying bed and having such a sense of ease and space in the body. I wriggled around enjoying the feeling of filling every space with me. I felt present. I felt contented. My mind was calm and clear. Rachel

I have studied with many influential teachers over recent years and learnt so much from all of them but Angela’s teachings really touched me deeply and I was totally blown away by her insights, awareness and sensitivities, the impact of what she shared I find hard to explain in words. All I know is that there is no going back fro me now…..I love the yoga she teaches, my body loves the yoga she teaches. Lara

My yoga practice and teaching continues to be unique to me, as does Lara’s, but I think that we would both agree that what we learned and experienced has added depth. During the week with Angela Farmer, we enjoyed individual movement, deep meditation and partnerwork/ body work. All of these were tools that took us to a deeper level of understanding ourselves.

It is the partner and body work in particular that we would like to share in the workshop “Feel the Love”. Along with heart focussed yoga practices and deep relaxation, our intention is that you will take your own inward journey, to feel the love within.

The Background story:

There are some things in life that are destined to be and meeting and working with Lara was certainly destined for me. When Kula first opened its doors and started advertising their Well Woman programme in 2012, a friend of mine sent me a link to the studio and said that she thought this would be right up my street. Of course, my friend knew me very well and it most definitely was, and this is how I first became introduced to Kula and to Lara.

Although we trained separately, we discovered that we had a similar background and compatible with our areas of interest and internalised understanding of yoga. I worked alongside Lara while first training in pregnancy yoga and we became friends. We both trained with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and had a great devotion to the subtle movements and inward focus that she teaches.

In November 2014 Lara had planned a visit to Greece with the wonderful Angela Farmer whom Uma Dinsmore-Tuli has sited in her book Yoni Shakti as her own teacher, I jumped at the opportunity to join her. We were going to the source!

Now we have brought these practices back for you to try out too.

For more info on Angela and her Partner Victor see their website.


For More information on Rachel or Lara see our Teacher bio page.

Lara https://www.yogakulaleeds.co.uk/teachers/lara-heppell/

Rachel https://www.yogakulaleeds.co.uk/teachers/rachel-gosling/

Written by Rachel Gosling