My Classes

My personal ongoing practice underpins my work as a therapeutic witness and compassionate teacher. My sessions explore body-mind connectivity, experiential anatomy and the relationship between expressive moving arts and therapeutic processes.  I offer students support in the form of a release based, somatic approach to yoga whilst maintaining the deepest respect for the transformational possibilities that arise.

My Yoga Journey

My background is in drama and dance but my relationship with Yoga began in 1995 as a student of traditional Hatha forms. This companionship has taken taken my practice down many paths meeting many styles along the way, as my body-mind needs shifted through my life’s journey which is constantly evolving.

My Credentials

I originally trained as a Pilates teacher and continue to explore structural integration from a holistic perspective. I have been practising as an Integrative Bodyworker for the last 12 years and have taught all over the world, everywhere from the US to Iceland and Russia working with people in need of physical, emotional and psychological support.