We caught up with the wonderful Ella Young ahead of her Everyday Yoga // Strength + Stability workshop on Saturday 12th May, 4:30pm-6:30pm to find out more about what students can expect from this technique-focused workshop.\

Hi Ella, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today ahead of your upcoming workshop. Who is your Everyday Yoga // Strength + Stability workshop aimed at?

The workshop is targeted at those hoping to lead of long life with mobility with ease. The workshop is open to all levels and all abilities whether you are a little more mature and are looking for guidance in everyday movement, perhaps those people who don’t have much energy or are suffering from little muscle strength or those yoga students in their 20’s who have complete range of movement and – this workshop is open to everyone as it’s super beneficial for those looking at habitual movements we all use every day. During the workshop, we will be looking at simple movements that we all do every day. We will look in some detail at anatomy and we will work through finding our own stable structures that can help build strength working against bones and muscles which could be deteriorating over time due to a number of factors. Don’t forget muscle strength is necessary at every stage of your life, at whatever age. All of the many physical activities of your daily life require muscular strength. Getting out of bed, walking to the car, picking up a child, climbing the stairs, opening a jar and carrying shopping bags are accomplished only if you can generate the muscular force necessary to complete the task. Poor muscle strength can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle or even a medical condition which then increases your risk of developing limitations in your daily activities or could result in a disability, especially as you age.

Do students need to have some yoga experience to attend?

My Everyday Yoga // Strength + Stability workshop is aimed at everyone and certainly suits those completely new to yoga. We will not be moving through any advanced asanas, to the contrary, we’ll be looking at ways to stand when brushing our teeth, Yoga pose hands all fourssitting down to a couch, bending to pick up kids/grandkids, reaching for the top shelf of the cupboard, these kinds of activities. Students do not need a range of yoga skills to come along to learn tips and tricks to contribute toward their overall well-being. Students can come with minimal to no experience and leave with practical tips to put into practice every day.

Will there be a relaxation?

Of course. Towards the end of the workshop, we will begin to slow down and relax. Students will enjoy a 15-minute relaxing savasana where I’ll guide them into deeply relaxing, surrendered state. Students will leave feeling informed, knowledgeable, stronger and completely relaxed.

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