Evening Energy Chakra Series

Join Binny in a series of special Sunday evening sessions to explore the energy centres within us. During these challenging times we invite you to bring harmony and balance to your being and chakras through pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra (sound), mudras (hand gestures) and flowing yoga asana (poses).


In this Evening Energy Chakra Series, we draw our attention gently to our Chakras – powerful energy centres within each and every one of us where our energy channels (Nadis) meet within the energy body.


When a chakra is out of balance, energy (Prana) can become stagnant in the body causing physical, mental, or spiritual pain. Through these chakra focussed sessions, we invite fresh vital energy back into our bodies.

Chakra Focus Each Week

Each pop-up will focus on a specific chakra giving us a deeper connection and understanding of our inner energetic powers.

Follow through the series to:

  • Open your heart
  • Discover your truth
  • Allow for surrender
  • Delve into self reflection
  • Find deep connection.

To enhance your experience we recommend bringing an item of the corresponding colour by your side as you practice; such as a crystal, flower or an item that is special to you.

Week 1: Sunday 19th April – Earth

Root // Muladhara

Colour // Red
Location // Base of the spine
Mudra // Earth
Mantra // Lam

We begin with the root chakra in a balancing and grounding sequence. Our first chakra connects us to the earth, creating a strong and stable foundation. Through pranayama, mudra, mantra and yoga asana we spearhead our attention from our head down into our bodies, directing the flow of energy into the feet, ankles, legs and pelvis. We find our strength, vitality and stability, to discover that everything we need resides within us.

Week 2: Sunday 26th April – Water Chakra

Water // Sacral

Colour // Orange
Location // Sacrum
Mudra // Shakti
Mantra // Vam

The water element is associated with the sacral chakra, this second chakra is the center of pleasure, playfulness, creativity, and delight; in this session we explore repetitive, playful, fluid, and rhythmic movement that brings a feeling of safety, delight and an overall sense of well-being. We flow through poses to allow us to open up to possibilities. Through a slow flowing sequence we turn our attention to our hips, we stay low to the earth to innate creativity and find ease within the body. Specific hip opening asanas will help us to aid the release of discomfort, in turn we loosen our grip within our lives allowing us to ebb and flow with ease rather than rigidity. Aiding transformation within relationships, including the one that we hold with ourselves.

Week 3: Sunday 3rd May – Fire

Solar Plexus // Manipura

Colour // Yellow
Location // Solar Plexus
Mudra // Matangi
Mantra // Ram

The third energy centre near our navel activates the fire of Manipura and connects us to our center. It withholds our personal power, confidence, strength, willpower and discipline. In this session we explore strong, powerful standing poses such as warriors & twists to invite courage and inner strength. We build heat through core strengthening poses, balancing energy within our centres.

Week 4 – Air / Heart

Colour // Green
Location // Heart Centre
Mudra // Hridaya
Mantra // Yam

We often protect our hearts and close them off to vulnerability, which may limit our experiences. Anahata or the heart centre is associated with the air element and feelings of openness, compassion, love and joy. We focus on heart-opening asana with balancing poses to fly with the air element, encompassed by lightness and expansiveness of being.