My Classes

I teach a wide range of yoga classes, from dynamic Vinyasa Flow to soothing Restorative. My intention is to deliver a class that is accessible to all, guiding the student to listen in and make it their own practice. There is always a strong emphasis on tuning into breath and body awareness, which are essential tools for the journey of self-inquiry. I encourage the student to take what they need from the practice, with the simple aim of living a happier, healthier life. My teaching weaves in philosophy for a deeper practice whilst still remaining light hearted, open and safe.

My Yoga Journey

Everything happened exactly as it should, from my first yoga class in my early teens to getting the call to teach in my late twenties. I can’t say I went to yoga for any reason but yoga came to me at different times for different reasons and it has evolved and deepened on the journey. Yoga has brought me peace, joy, connection and self-inquiry and I want to share my knowledge from this place of deep experience and understanding. Always the student, I continue to immerse myself in yogic studies, meditation and supporting modalities including Breath-work (conscious connected breathing), sound therapy and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

My Credentials

I graduated from Yoga Kula’s first 250hr Teacher Training Course in June 2019 with further trainings in restorative and somatics with Aki Omori and Barefoot Body Training. I have completed Sacred Sound Training with Oasis of Sound and am currently studying sound therapy with Marko Zigon from Sonic Temple, Dubai. Current studies also include Breath-work facilitator training with world renowned teacher Dan Brulé. I practice Vedic meditation as taught through the original lineages and am also a Level 5 qualified Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist.

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