My Classes

I feel it’s important to find the balance within both practice and teaching, exploring both Yin and Yang, dynamic movement and relaxation. My classes provide students with an opportunity to connect movement and breath, whilst also finding peace and feeling in stillness. You’ll leave the studio feeling relaxed, balanced, and blissful ready to start your day. As my practice grows, my style of teaching is growing within this, heavily guided and influenced by the energy of my students. Every yoga teacher, as is every student, is unique in their story and experience. I use sound as a tool to connect with the self and universal energy, whilst ensuring to teach from the heart.

My Yoga Journey

I experienced my first yoga class in my early teens, and over the last 22 yrs have journeyed in and out of my practice, including the introduction of meditation at 21. It was whilst travelling in my late twenties that I discovered Power Vinyasa, a style which I really connected to. The meditative qualities of the movement and breath brought me a lot joy and peace. It was then that I had the call to become a teacher. All I wants in life is to be able to help people in any way I can. Having discovered the benefits of yoga and meditation myself, I want to share my knowledge from this place of deep experience and understanding.

My Credentials

I have recently graduated from Yoga Kula’s Teacher Training Course, and am honoured to be part of the teaching team in the studio which has taught me so much, and given me the opportunity to share this knowledge with others. I have trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and Ashtanga Yoga whilst immersing myself into the roots and philosophy of this ancient practice. I have also trained with Oasis of Sound, exploring their Sacred Sound Training course, which has heavily impacted my teaching style.