Stress is one of the most common causes of illness in both humans and dogs, Doga is a fun, healthy and relaxing way to bond, unwind and get moving. – Angela Sykes

What is Doga?

Quite simply, Doga is the practice of yoga with pet dogs. Doga is an amazing way to bond with your pooch and we’ve found that dogs love yoga just as much as humans! With your dog as your sidekick, supporting you through mindful movement and meditation, you’re sure to have a fun and relaxing class. The practice serves to create a secure attachment between owner and dog, aid and facilitate training as well as helping to develop impulse control.  Doga can also be used as a form of relaxation and meditation.

What did we do?

We recently joined forces with Dogs Trust and Duke Studios in Leeds for an exciting Doga workshop, lead by Yoga Kula founder and director, and Senior Yoga Teacher Angela Sykes.  As you can see from the photos below, we had a brilliant time with our fellow Yogi’s and Dogi’s!

Doga at Duke Studios  Doga at Duke Studios Doga at Duke Studios  Doga at Duke Studios

We worked through some simple yoga sequences and poses in which both humans and dogs can be involved. Dogs are very present and aware and by including them in our practice, we can also learn about and improve our presence and awareness.  Through the practice, the dogs can improve their confidence, social skills, and become calmer around groups of humans.

Ensuring plenty of breaks for snacks, treats and cuddles, we began with a gentle connecting exercise. Placing a hand on our own heart and one on the hearts of our pooches, we connected through breath and beat. Working through a cat cow extension, we move in to the appropriately suitable downward dog. After exploring walking variations of the posture, and various asanas with our dogs by our sides, we ended the session with a relaxing savasana with our dogs either on our chest or laying beside us.

Each pup left with a goody bag full of treats and toys to take home.

All monies raised from this event were donated to Dogs Trust.

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