Disconnect to re-connect

Modern life can be stressful. Juggling family, work commitments and relationships can mean we end up taking care of everyone but ourselves, never taking time to just be.
If we do find time to ourselves to ‘relax’ we’ll turn on the TV, listen to some music, surf the Internet or open a bottle of wine. All of which are very enjoyable but they are external distractions and even though we may seem to be, we are not truly relaxing. Modern life is fast paced and in our faces, we never switch off, we are always connected, social media, television, telephones, emails… Stress, stress, stress!
Stress causes tension. Tension in the body, tension in the mind and this can affect our emotions. Over time this tension we hold onto can manifest as illness. Heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, obesity… the list goes on.
Yoga can teach us how to deal with stress, how to release tension, emotionally, physically and mentally.
Even if we don’t feel stressed, relaxation is important for our health and well being. The art of relaxation through yogic techniques such as gentle asana (postures), pranayama (breath work) and meditation provides us with much needed rest time and self reflection that can help bring us into balance.
Take time to care for yourself, you don’t just deserve it – you need it!
Find a yoga class or workshop near you, disconnect from social media, learn the art of relaxation and re-connect with yourself. Then you can start, by stopping….

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