Chapel Allerton is, without question, one of my favourite places to hang out in Leeds. Firstly, it is the home of one of my favourite yoga studios (Kula, obviously), which I go to multiple times during the week. I am sure if you are a resident of the area you don’t need to be told how wonderful it is here, but for those of you who are not here it goes:

There are loads of amazing places to go and eat, with Crust and Crumb serving standard, gluten free, vegetarian AND vegan fry ups (as well as their infamous power bars)! Opposite has THE BEST sticky ginger stem loaf, Nichols is the place to go for vegetarian and vegan eats (but make sure you book because that place gets super busy) and Ned’s has a seriously impressive and extensive menu from delicious daal with veg pakoras to homemade mince pie ice cream – they are also catering the Kula Christmas Social this year. I mean, Chapel A is actually a foodies paradise with Thai, Mexican, Indian, Italian… and more all at your fingertips straight out of the studio, be it a yoga, fitness, pilates or knitting class. Not to mention the communal herb stand that they have – take your pick!

There is also a CARA (Chapel Allerton Residence Association) card that offers discount at loads of local eateries (you do not have to be a resident to benefit from this either! Anyone can sign up).

For those of us that have dogs, it seems to me that the whole area is very dog friendly, with some places such as Crust and Crumb offering free doggy treats for your furry bestie. There is also a local park nearby, or Roundhay down the road for those pups that require more space to stretch their legs after a coffee and a biscuit.

My personal favourite way to spend my time in Chapel Allerton is to head to a Sunday morning class at Yoga Kula, pop to Oppsite for their do-it-yourself beans on toast or peanut butter and jam on toast, or, if I take a later class to Crust and Crumb for an Oatmilk Cappuccino and Power bar.

Also, if you manage to make it to one of the Wedneday or Friday morning classes this time of year you can catch a beautiful sunrise as you head out to face the rest of the day!

There is so much to offer in Chapel A, I haven’t been able to mention it all in this blog – so come and discover what else is here yourself! And if you see me in any of the local spaces come say hello (you probably know what it is I will be ordering)!