Chandra Krama – The Moon Sequence

with Kirsten Steffensen
Saturday 12th April

12.45pm – 2.30pm
£12.50 drop in no need to pre-book

Chandra KramaChandra Krama is intended for practice on the full moon, the new moon & at times when you’re feeling a little more tired than usual or when you have injuries to heal. It’s a therapeutic alternative to your regular routine.
Practicing a restorative sequence at regular intervals can decrease the risk of strain and injury and increase awareness of your changing internal body condition as influenced by the seasons and the waxing/waning moon.

The slower you move the more you let go.

The Moon Sequence has been designed with Ashtanga practitioners in mind. It is a flowing, therapeutic sequence, for a safe & balanced practice it is important to include dynamic & softer methods of yoga.If you’re practicing Ashtanga or Vinyasa flow, the Moon Sequence class is a must for you!